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Green Lima Beans

Green Lima Beans

About Green Lima Beans - Nutritious Butter Beans

Lima beans are also referred to as butter beans due to their buttery texture. This light vegetable makes for a pleasant accompaniment to any dish due to its subtle taste. Fresh lima beans are only available in certain months of the year, but canned and dried lima beans are widely available throughout the year.

Most lima beans are green in color, while some unique varieties come in red, black, cream, white, purple and brown colors. Let’s take a look at the immense nutritional benefits of green lima beans, and why you should incorporate them into your regular diet plans!

Green Lima Beans - Nutrition Facts

These vegetables may be miniscule in size, but their nutrient content is not to be underestimated! One cup of green lima beans contains 39% of Folate and 20% of vitamin B1. Both these vitamins play an instrumental role in keeping your body fit and healthy.
Lima beans are also exceptional sources of minerals, with one cup containing 48.5% of manganese, 27.2% of potassium, 24.9% of iron, 22% of copper, 20.8% of phosphorus and 20.2% of magnesium.

Lima beans also contain enough dietary fiber to keep your digestive system functioning smoothly.

Green Lima Beans - Health Benefits

Let’s explore the health benefits of these tiny green lima beans!

Excellent for Heart Health!

Regular consumption of lima beans can drastically reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Lima beans contain high quantities of dietary fiber, folate and magnesium. These three powerful substances work wonders to protect your heart from falling prey to potentially fatal diseases.

Essential for Pregnant Women!

Lima beans are an excellent source of folate. Folate deficiency during pregnancy can lead to birth defects such as spina bifida. Regular consumption of folate rich foods, such as green lima beans, can eliminate that possibility. 

Excellent Fiber Source!

The dietary fiber in green lima beans not only prevents and cures cases of chronic constipation and diarrhea, but also maintains and regulates the blood sugar level and cholesterol level in the body. Adequate intake of dietary fiber can also prevent and treat cases of irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulosis.

Excellent for your Blood!

Green lima beans contain rich stores of iron. Iron is a key component of hemoglobin which allows the red blood cells to transport oxygen from the lungs to rest of your body. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia.  

Possible Ways to Enjoy Green Lima Beans

Green lima beans can be enjoyed in multitudinous ways. Add them as a tasty ingredient in your regular vegetable soup, or serve them as a light, salted appetizer. You can also boil them, puree them with sweet potatoes or blend them with your favorite vegetables for a delicious side accompaniment to a main course. 
Remember to wash the beans before cooking or boiling them so as to remove damaged beans or stones. Pre-soaking the lima beans shortens the cooking time.

Possible Health Concerns

Lima beans contain purines. Individuals who are susceptible to purine should refrain from eating lima beans so as to avoid kidney stone formation and gout. 

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