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Nutrition is the key aspect for health, growth, well-being and development. Eating contributes to the illnesses, quantity and quality of life that we will be having in our future. Starting our daily routines we go through newspapers and magazines, and do daily or occasionally read nutrition articles, so why not implement them. While, many of us carry around so much nutritional information, which can support us in feeling better and making our soul happy and get the ultimate fitness that we desire; finding time to induce all that nutrition facts in our diet on daily basis seems like a difficult task to do, in this fast tracked, quick moving society.

Latest Nutrition Articles

Why Crash Dieting ALWAYS Fails
Crash dieting is a popular fad during summer, but there are many reasons why they often end in failure – not lost weight.
4 Steps to Reveal your Food Sensitivities
Food can affect people in many different ways – from sugar highs to caffeine headaches – but sometimes it can be more than that. For instance, have you ever wondered if something in your diet ...
This is Your Brain on Sugar
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently proposed a change to their guidelines on sugar consumption. These guidelines are being revised in response to the growing obesity epidemic and the link ...
Hydration - How much Water We Should Really be Drinking
We can live without food for a few weeks, but if we go more than a couple days without water, we die. Water is our life source; we need to make sure we have access to clean water for our bodies ...
What is “Nutrigenomics”?
We’re all familiar with the broad-stroke dietary recommendations we hear almost on a weekly basis: “eat more fruits and vegetables,” “avoid fatty foods,” “cut back on sodium,” etc. ...
How to Eat for Summer
With summer approaching, people are gearing up for barbeques, pool parties and weekends at the cottage. While many of us enjoy fruit smoothies and fresh salads in hotter weather, others find ...
The Allergic Asthmatic
If you’ve ever experienced difficulty breathing, chest tightness or coughing and wheezing, you’ve probably wondered, is this asthma or an allergy?
Liver Long and Prosper
Nature isn’t the only thing that renews itself every spring. It’s also the season most people choose to undergo a cleanse: to give their livers a break, kick-start healthy habits and reverse ...
Fashionably Gluten Free
These days, many people are avoiding food products that contain wheat and opting for a gluten-free lifestyle. They report feeling lighter, less bloated and more focused. What’s not to love about ...
5 Facts about Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is a celebration observed annually in Mexico and the United States on the 5th of May. But what is it really celebrating, anyway? Here are five facts that you may (or may not) have ...

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