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Jennifer Elliot takes her Nutrition (and yours) very seriously! She believes that the strongest weapon we have against all diseases, ailments and conditions is Nutrition. She also widely promotes the importance of exercise to maintain optimal health. Keep an eye out for Jennifer’s articles to remain updated on how to lead a nutritious life!

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7 Foods to Get Revitalized After a
by Jennifer Elliot | February 13, 2014

Break free from the vicious circle of laziness after a layoff. You can get ...

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Workout Tips for Working Moms
by Jennifer Elliot | October 23, 2012

Being a mom is a full time job, and being a working one is a call for a ...

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Exercises To Lose Belly Fat
by Jennifer Elliot | May 23, 2012

Wanting that sleek sexy tummy, with no tires around the love handles, topped ...

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6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Breast
by Jennifer Elliot | August 10, 2012

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is devastating and painful, to say the ...

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How to Workout at the Gym
by Jennifer Elliot | May 26, 2012

Working out at the gym regularly is a wonderful habit but one should follow ...

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Morning Exercises and Stretches
by Jennifer Elliot | May 19, 2012

The idea of exercising first thing in the morning may sound unappealing, but ...

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The Health Risks of Being Overweigh
by Jennifer Elliot | July 06, 2012

A healthy lifestyle and a healthy body weight are instrumental in living a ...

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The Life Long Benefits of Exercise
by Jennifer Elliot | December 13, 2012

Exercise is a wonderful habit to adopt in your everyday routine. Not only ...

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