Building Self Confidence!

Confidence is a quality that everyone admires. It is an important quality, needed in the everyday facet of our lives. Yet, it is a quality that not everyone is born with. Many aspire to gain confidence and struggle with themselves to try and be more confident. This can be very frustrating and depressing and usually hinders one from achieving success in life.

Whether you are a student trying to be heard by your teachers or trying to be seen by your peers, or a worker in the corporate world who is looking to pitch an idea - confidence is the key! A person who exudes confidence in more likely to be heard and recognized and therefore, is more likely to achieve front row seats to success! This is not an easy task, but here we will walk you through a few easy tips to get you into that spotlight!

Perfect Posture!

‘Head up, Back straight, shoulders out, tummy in!!’ This is a dialogue most of you are acquainted with, and for good reason too as one who walks with slouched shoulders, drooping back, head down and slow, lethargic movements are just screaming “I lack confidence”!. However if you walk with your back straight and make eye contact, you will instantly feel empowered and will make a positive impact on others!

Speak Up!

Another way to gain confidence is to learn how to speak up! Many tend to keep quiet when a group discussion is taking place as they feel they might say something stupid. However that is just your fear talking! And sometimes one does not realize that the other person also feels the same way. Try speaking up once in a while, this way you’ll slowly gain the confidence to join in the conversation more often, and realize that people laughing at you is no big deal, they’ll get their turn too!

Dress Sharp

Dressing plays an important role in your level of confidence as this determines how you feel about yourself! If you don’t feel you are dressed nicely, you will automatically feel negatively about yourself!!

You do not have to completely change yourself! Just keep updated with the latest trends, keep yourself clean and wear clean clothes!

Dressing sharp implies dressing in a way that you personally like – we do not mean you need to follow a certain standard; just that you should dress in clothes that you think makes you look good

Do “The Walk”

The first thing people notice is how we walk! This immediately tells a person how you are feeling about yourself. If you walk slow, lethargically this will only show that you have low self esteem and do not feel any confidence! What you need to do is to walk with relatively long strides and a little faster. Quick movements will add pep in your walk which will show your confidence! Once you feel you have gotten positive attention, you will automatically feel more confident!

Role Model!

Who is your favorite, ideal person? It could be anyone. A famous model, singer, actor or even your parents! Take them as inspiration. Observe the way they talk, move, sit, stand, dress! This will give you an over view of where you need to work on yourself! Don’t try to be them or copy them! Just try picking up their positive points and creating that positive point for yourself!

Find Your Passion!

Instead of focusing and dwelling on the things you are not good at, try focusing on things that you are actually good at! This will make you think more positively about yourself and will help you work on your confidence! At the end of the day, having confidence in your self is very important! Find any quality in yourself that you are proud of! Either it’s because you love animals, or are a calm forgiving person! It could be anything! Focus on that. This will take your mind off of you concentrating more on your flawed qualities!

Believe In Yourself!

All in all, it is important for you to believe in yourself! Stop thinking that you can’t do it! Negativity will just bring you further and further into the pit of low self confidence and pity Instead; concentrate on the good in yourself! This should keep you on the right track of building self confidence!