When you hit your late 30’s it almost becomes a life mission to look younger - and why not, provided you seek healthy alternatives? No matter what the reason is too want to look younger, the simple fact is that there are many tips to how to appear younger and healthier! Some of you may be blessed with the youthful genes and may naturally look young, whereas some of you may have chosen the path to surgeries and injections! However, there are countless of other ways of how to appear younger without having to visit a doctor or clinic! Here at Fitness Republic, we have put together an article that will share with you the most simplest and convenient techniques to appearing and feeling younger than your age! Anyone can do them! So be whisked away to 10 years back.

Eat Healthy

You may have heard this time and time again but you are seriously what you eat! More importantly after a certain age you have to start watching your diet! We know you may be an addict to your fried foods but if you want to look young, you’re going to have to make certain sacrifices! Try only purchasing and consuming organic foods and whenever you can, nibble on fresh fruits. The best fruits to nibble on for youthful skin and glow are mixed berries! Mixed berries such as blue berries, acai berries, cherries and raspberries are packed with antioxidants! These antioxidants help fight against oxidative stress and Free Radicals which bring on premature aging, causes wrinkles, fine lines and even dullness of skin! Not only that but these Free Radicals is also the major cause of Cancer! Therefore these will help you with a countless number of things while making you look young and healthy! Also keep away from sugar and oily foods, both of these are not just lethal for health but are also lethal for your skin and glow!

Drink Tons Of Water!

What water can do for you, nothing else can! Drinking water helps keep your skin moisturized and even helps wash out all the toxins from within your body! Drink and see the difference.


After reaching a certain age it is very important to take extra care of your skin, this means moisturizing your skin every night and after each bath! This will help prevent dryness and will keep your skin looking fresh and supple! However, here we are not just talking about moisturizing your face, it is about moisturizing your entire body.

Wear Light Colors

You may be more of a dark color wearing person as this helps you look thinner, however light colors help you look younger. This gives you a more light, fresh and youthful appearance instead of the severe look! If not pastel color light, then try medium light colors like purple, blue or even nude colors! This will help you look like a much more lighter person and will even make you feel good as light colors have a more positive impact on people.

Maintain Your Eyebrows!

Ladies, and men alike, this may seem like such a small thing but it makes such a big difference! This is particularly true for the ladies, but it makes a difference to a man’s face too. Therefore, don’t delay this anymore. Get that brow’s plucking and trimming if needed. Do not over pluck your brows, instead just pluck them from where it is needed or get them done from a salon. After plucking, use a brow pencil to fill in the empty areas or just give an overall sweep. This will help define them and make them look thick. Giving you an overall younger look!

Improve Your Posture!

Your posture is key to looking young! If you are going to slouch like an old woman then you are going to look like an old woman! If you are going to walk straight like you mean it, then no one will be able to tell your age! Always hold your head up high, smile and know that you are beautiful! This will instantly make you look 10 years younger!