Motivation What You Do For Your Body Now, You Do For Your Life

What You Do For Your Body Now, You Do For Your Life

by Karen Bresnahan | November 10, 2015

How to Stay Focused When Working From Home
by Jessica Starks | November 10, 2015

Working from home can be an honor and privilege, but sometimes it can also be a major burden. It can really be a nuisance when you are trying to ignore outside distractions and work. Here are a ...

How To Gain Mental Clarity And Improve Your Focus
by Jenny McKaig | November 05, 2015

Do you often feel 'cloudy headed' throughout the day? With all the stress that work and other issues cause, it's no surprise. If you feel like you are too overwhelmed with your day-to-day schedule ...

Fun Tips on Boosting Your Confidence
by Stacy Zimmerman | January 13, 2015

Many of us lack self-confidence. Why do you think that is? Sometimes it’s body image issues, weight issues, or just negative thoughts that hover our heads for whatever reason.

Seven Ways To Deepen Your Yoga Practice - Mindset And Mantras
by Caleb Palmquist | November 02, 2015

Yoga takes time and patience to perfect. There is always room for improvement. Try some of these simple methods to deepen your practice through deep breathing, joyful movement, removing ...

A Step In The Right Direction – Start your Journey to Wellness
by Caleb Palmquist | October 31, 2015

You can overcome obstacles getting in the way of a healthier life. Start with simple and easy daily habits to build the foundation for your journey to wellness and fitness. Step by step, you will ...

5 Step Guide to Optimize your Mornings for a Productive Day
by Jessica Starks | October 25, 2015

Are you having trouble waking up every morning? Want more energy to start off your day? Check out these five steps to include in your routine and optimize your morning and start your day off on ...

How To Make A Home Gym
by Jessica Starks | October 24, 2015

Are you tired of going to a public gym? Wishing to have a gym of your own? Never fear, we have you covered! Read to learn about these cool and simple ways to prepare and decorate your home fitness ...

Get Your Fall Fitness Motivation Boost Now!
by Jessica Starks | October 14, 2015

Fall is here, it's starting to cool and the weather change-- that doesn't mean you can't still get outside and exercise! Check out these five ways to stay motivated this fall.

Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy and Become Positive
by Caleb Palmquist | October 12, 2015

Follow these simple steps to get started on removing negative energy in your life, and start living a happier and more fulfilled life with less anxiety. Through meditation, organization, and ...

Monday Motivation To Beat Monday Blues
by Caleb Palmquist | October 12, 2015

Monday mornings have a bad reputation for being the worst day of the week. They don't have to be, and you have the power to make them better. Try some of these easy techniques to beat the Monday ...