A Hairy Issue – What Causes Hair Growth?

You’ve tried every trick in the book but your hair growth shows no signs of thinning, not even a tiny bit! You know that it’s affecting your self esteem and self confidence in more ways than one, so what other options do you have to remedy this aesthetic problem of how to reduce hair growth? Before we talk about all the things that you can do to tackle this hairy (excuse the obvious reference) problem, you need to recognize that you probably have hirsutism which is usually stimulated by polycystic ovary syndrome (POS). Polycystic ovary syndrome is caused by an imbalance in the female sex hormones. Due to this imbalance, the hair follicles are over stimulated and this leads to thicker, darker hair on the chin, lips, abdomen, back or chest. Among other options, you can also try using natural herbs which have been proved to be effective in treating excessive hair growth in women

Reduce Hair Growth # 1- Natural Options

Before giving the following herbs a chance as a way to reduce hair growth, always consult your health practitioner to get a second opinion and a solid green light for the use of these natural products. Black cohosh and saw palmetto are two herbs that have been associated with successfully reducing hirsutism. Both herbs, research states, can lessen the effects of hormonal imbalance in women and reduce hair growth in women.

 Reduce Hair Growth # 2- Pluck It Off

Plucking is an efficient way to reduce hair growth on the face. You may have heard stories about how terribly painful plucking is, but there’s more exaggeration than truth in those agony filled stories. Yes, plucking will be slightly painful the first few times that you do it, and the area may sting a little after the plucking is done, but it’s nothing that a bit of soothing cold cream can’t cure! Tweezers can be used to pluck out small amounts of hair. Plucking is often used to remove facial hair, and must be done on a regular basis to keep the area clean of new hair growth. There is a new trend that many women, (who are brave enough to handle the pain), are adopting. Epilators are hair removal machines that work on the principle of plucking the hair out of the root. One epilator may have 20 to 40 tweezers in the rotating head. New models have been introduced to make epilating less painful including epilators with internal massagers, and epilators that can be used in the shower or in the bath so that the discomfort can be minimized as a means to reduce hair growth.

Reduce Hair Growth # 3- Waxing or Sugaring

Waxing is a service that is offered at almost all beauty parlors and ranks amongst the most superior methods to reduce hair growth. Hot wax is used to remove the hair from the roots. Waxing keeps hair away for at least 2 weeks depending upon the rate of hair growth. Sugaring is a milder, gentler version of waxing. The waxing sugar can be prepared at home, spread on the skin using a spatula, and then removed (along with the hair of course) with a strip of fabric or store bough waxing strips.

Reduce Hair Growth # 4- Shaving

If you are short on time you can always use a good old razor to remove hair for a temporary period of time. However, your hair may appear thicker when it reappears.