Mouth piercings which include the tongue, lip and other mouth piercings are associated with various health dangers which range from being slightly shocking to tremendously awful. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, chipped teeth, infections, nerve damage and recessed gums are among the top three risks associated with oral piercings. Here are some of the highly atrocious health dangers associated with mouth piercings.


One of the most common health dangers associated with a mouth piercing or any other type of piercing for that matter is that of infections. The reason why infections are all the more common when it comes to mouth piercings is because the piercing in itself creates a temporary wound, and when this wound comes into contact with all the bacteria already present in the mouth and is further met with the additional bacteria from handling the barbell or the jewelry, the wound can very easily get infected.


Endocarditis is a condition which describes inflammation of the heart or the valves. It is very possible that the wound created by the mouth piercing gets infected and the bacteria attached travels down the blood stream and causes endocarditis. However, those who are already at risk of heart problems or are experiencing underlying symptoms of heart conditions, are more at risk of endocarditis caused due to mouth piercings.  

Disease Transmission

Piercings also carry the health dangers of increasing potential risk of disease transmission when it comes to diseases such as Hepatitis B and C and herpes.

Teeth Damage

Another health danger posed by mouth piercings is teeth damage. A study conducted and reported in a dental journal describes how those people who wore a barbell on their tongue for more than 4 or more years, 47% of them had at least one chipped tooth!

Gum Diseases

The health dangers of mouth piercings related to dental concerns can be quite significant. Various studies conducted have shown that the likelihood of gum diseases is much higher in those with mouth piercings than in those without them. Individuals’ wearing barbells on their tongue especially, can be subject to serious gum related issues. This is because the barbell can scratch and injure the gum tissue and cause for it to recede, which can cause for the tooth to become unhinged or loose and eventually fall out.

Nerve Damage

Piercings have the potential of causing nerve damage at the site of the piercing. If such occurs, an individual can suffer from numbness and a loss of sensation where the piercing is. In case a blood vessel is punctured, excessive bleeding can occur. Also, tongue swelling which very commonly occurs after a tongue piercing can sometimes be severe enough to block airways, making breathing challenging.

Jewelry Hazards

Another health danger associated with mouth piercing is that of jewelry hazards. Allergic reactions can occur in people susceptible to allergies. Furthermore, it is also possible for the barbell or stud to fall loose in the mouth and cause choking issues or an injury in the digestive tract.