Cranial sacral massage therapy is possibly the most subtle and gentle form of massage there is. It is most beneficial for those individuals who suffer from chronic pains of sorts. Cranial sacral massage therapy has the effect of freeing the body from stress and calming the nervous system down, thereby leading to pain relief. It can be considered more of a bodywork technique than a massage, which involves the administration of a slight, light, feather touch to connect the cranial bones, the central nervous system, the cerebrospinal fluid and the membranes encompassing the central nervous system.

How does Cranial Sacral Therapy work?

This discipline was founded by an American osteopath William Sutherland who found out and established that there are many factors that may cause the central nervous system and the cerebrospinal fluid to get entangled and no e able to flow smoothly. The various factors that contribute to such behavior can include trauma at birth, physical injuries, and psychological concerns including depression, emotionally stressors, and toxins that get caught up in the body via the environment that surrounds our being. Cranial sacral therapy helps the body find back its balance and helps unclog the blockages and restores the natural rhythm.

Trained therapists are required to carry out this treatment, whereby they focus the nervous system onto the body’s internal healing mechanisms, towards certain specified directions. The treatment is such that it thoroughly relaxes the patient, putting the individual to sleep many a times, while the therapy works on activating the healing processes. The primary aims of cranial sacral therapy include deeply relaxing the body and striping it off of stress and diminishing chronic pains.

The Benefits of Cranial Sacral Therapy

The major benefits associated with cranial sacral therapy include relieving the body off chronic pains, reducing stress symptoms including an aching head, neck or a back and discomfort that can be traced back to fibromyalgia. The American cancer association also reports for those afflicted with cancer to benefit from this form of therapy by helping them feel more relaxed. Furthermore, a study conducted documented results which showed for cranial sacral therapy to lower symptoms of urinary tract infections as well as multiple sclerosis. Cranial sacral therapy has also been reported to be rather helpful in sorting out emotional issues, especially those that can be linked to stress and depression. It can also be helpful towards migraines, autism and many other conditions.


Concerning cranial sacral therapy it has been reported, those individuals who have suffered some sort of a head trauma recently, including diseases that may have an implication on the spinal cord or the spine, those who cannot afford to bear any changes in brain pressures, and those inflicted with blood clotting disorders, should be extremely careful with this therapy. Furthermore, children under the age of two years should not be put through this therapy as the bones in their skull are not fully developed at this age. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting cranial sacral therapy or any other techniques of the sort.