Experiencing that pesky twitch and tic is extremely irritating and uncomfortable. Eye twitch is a repetitive spasm of eyelid that is caused by number of factors. You might think that your eye twitch is visible to the people around you but it is usually quite subtle and happens in a jiffy.


Causes of eye Twitch

There can be certain factors that cause eyelid twitching and it may last for days. Let’s check out what causes eye twitching and how it can be controlled.

De-Stress to Avoid the Twitch

Stress is a culprit of several ailments and eye twitching is one of them. Eye twitching is also a sign of stress and anxiety. If your stress is eye-related, it will cause your eyelid twitch. If you sit in front of computer screen for long durations, it can create stressful eyes. Eye-associated stress causes minor eye twitches that are usually harmless and go away on their own.

  • To halt eyelid twitching, minimize the causes of stress.

Fatigue and Tiredness

Tiredness, lack of sleep or too much work, whatever the reason may be, these factors can also trigger your eyelid to tic. Not only your body but your eyes also get tired when over worked.

  • Catch up with your good night’s sleep help your eyes get rid of these frequent annoying eye muscle spasms.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Too much alcohol and caffeine consumption may also be the causes of spasmodic eyelid movements. Cut back alcohol and caffeine intake from your diet and experience the improvement. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea coffee and soda.

  • De-café your life and give yourself and your eyes some rest and relief.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are also the consequences of aging and are experienced by most of the older population in the US. Other factors that cause your eyes to dry are medications, working on computer for longer time, caffeine or alcohol consumption and wearing contact lenses. Tiredness and stress can also be the leading causes to make your eyes dry thus cause them to twitch and tic.

Eye Strain

Avoid overworking your eyes. Limit computer and cell phone overuse, or prolong usage of any other form of technology that involves continuous gazing at the screen. Whether you are at home or in your office, take regular break intervals in every fifty minutes or an hour and look around to relax your eyes.

  • Looking away from the screen every couple of minutes would do to alleviate strain and avoid that annoying twitch.

Allergies and Irritation

Some people are sensitive to certain external factors that make their eyes to tic. These factors may include dust, smoke, chemicals and other tiny particles in the air and can be a cause of irritation to the eyes. If you experience eye twitching then you are most likely to be exposed to these environmental factors.

Some people also suffer from eye allergies that cause their eyes to itch, swell and make them watery. In response to this condition when you rub you rub your eyes out of irritation it makes your eyelid twitch.

Nutritional Imbalance

Your diet may also be the reason of eyelid twitching. According to some researches nutritional imbalance or lack of certain nutrients may also cause that pesky eye twitch. Incorporate essential nutrients in your diet such as iron and magnesium and eat foods for healthy eyes.

Eye twitching is an involuntary spasm of eyes. Sometimes it is very annoying and uncomfortable. It may make you feel if something is wrong with your eyes. But mild eye tics are common occurrences and can be controlled with some care of your eyes. Eat well, sleep well and give your eyes some rest to get rid of that twitch and tic eye movement.

  • If eye spasm becomes chronic, seek professional’s aid.