Lung cancer has sadly become an increasingly common disease in the world of today. Although smokers are affected by this disease the most, non smokers are also quite likely to be diagnosed by it especially if it is part of their family history. Other factors such as geographical conditions and gender also determine how prone you are to the disease. However, there are certain protective measures that you can take in order to minimize your lung cancer risk. It is recommended that you make these small changes to your life in order to stay as protected as possible.

Quit Smoking

If you use any kind of tobacco products, the best idea is to quit. Smoking speeds us lung cancer like nothing else. Nicotine patches and chewing gum may help you in this process and you can ask your doctor to help you out with useful suggestions as well. If you are a non smoker, pat yourself on the back and continue on this healthy path.

Protect Yourself from Second Hand Smoke:

You may not realize it, but Second Hand Smoke can potentially be as dangerous as smoking yourself. As a result, it is imperative that you stay away from all kinds of second hand smoke so that you don’t inhale it and endanger yourself from lung cancer risk. Support and encourage those restaurants and public places that have a no smoking policy and try to centre your family dinners etc around these places. Apart from that, if any of your co workers and family members smoke ask them to avoid doing it in the same room or at least ventilate if they do.

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Maximize Intake of Fresh Products:

Try to add as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible into your everyday life. This is because fresh products contain large reserves of antioxidants which protect you from getting all kinds of cancers. Apart from that, if you take dietary supplements and vitamin tablets.  

Decrease Your Alcohol Intake:

Mayo Clinic has stated that drinking alcohol in moderation is a good way of reducing ones lung cancer risk greatly. If you do not drink, stay on this path but if you do enjoy alcohol, be moderate in your approach. Women under 65 can have about one drink a day and men of the same age bracket can have two. This amount does not increase your risk of lung cancer. This amount may seem easy to stick to but alcohol is a slippery slope so you need to be careful. Decreasing your alcohol intake also helps minimize your liver cancer risk.


Working out is imperative to ensure that you have a healthy heart pumping fresh blood and healthy lungs full of clean, crisp air. Working out for half an hour about three times a week is a good amount and you should incorporate walking, cycling and swimming into this workout as these are ideal exercises for healthy lungs. Exercising helps minimize several different types of cancer risk!