Skipping Exercise / Jump Rope Exercise


Skipping exercise is one of the great aerobics workouts that help you control your weight, burn fats, boost your immunity and improve your strength. Jumping rope is a full body exercise that provides you physical and mental benefits together. Skipping builds muscles and bone density. It works on large body muscles, upper body, core muscles and lower body section. Jump rope exercise also assists you in developing coordination, balance and stamina. It improves your level of fitness, quickness and overall health conditions. It is the easiest and fun way to burn calories in order to maintain your body shape and vigilance.

Skipping Exercise / Jump Rope Exercise - Step 1

Step 1

With a proper jump rope, start skipping, by holding the rope at your sides with your elbows bent

Skipping Exercise / Jump Rope Exercise - Step 2

Step 2

Keep your elbow close to your body and rotate the rope overyour head, jumping as the rope reaches the floor.

Skipping Exercise / Jump Rope Exercise - Step 3

Step 3

Most of the skipping motion is from your wrist, not your arm.

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