Reverse Hyperextension / Leg Lift Exercise

Reverse Hyperextension/ leg lift exercise basically targets the muscles of the back, legs, gluteus and hips. It also works positively on core abdominal muscles. Reverse hyperextension stresses your lower back so it is essential to consult your doctor before starting the workout if you have any pre-existing back discomfort or injury. All of the variants of hyperextension exercises used to cure lower back pain and strengthen the back and core abdominal muscles. Leg lifting exercises involve your lower body and legs in the workout and increase the strength and build muscles. Try the exercise differently by lifting both legs together or lifting them one by one.

Reverse Hyperextension / Leg Lift Exercise - Step 1

Step 1

Using a stability ball, lie face down over the ball with your hands on the floor and your pelvis supported on the ball.

Reverse Hyperextension / Leg Lift Exercise - Step 2

Step 2

Inhale, keeping your legs straight lift them up as far as you comfortably can. Squeeze your butt cheeks together so that you are not only working your lower back. Exhale, and lower your legs back to starting position. Repeat 10 times, and gradually work up to 20 repetitions.

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