Push Up Off Stability Ball Exercise


Push up off stability ball exercise is a great variation in pushups exercises that increase both the intensity and benefits of the workout. Regular pushups exercise targets arms, shoulders and chest specifically while pushups on stability ball engage core abdominal muscles positively. Stability ball is a superb tool to add variety and intensity in your exercise routines to make them more interesting and beneficial. Push up off stability ball is more challenging workout as you have to keep you stable and balanced throughout the workout. It increases your focus, coordination and balance also along with the strength and muscle building.

Push Up Off Stability Ball Exercise - Step 1

Step 1

Lie with your abdomen on the ball and walk your hands forward on the floor until ball rests under your thighs.

Push Up Off Stability Ball Exercise - Step 2

Step 2

Pull your naval into your spine bending your elbows and lowering your upper body towards floor, holding for 3 seconds and then push up until your elbows are straight but not locked. Keep your head aligned with your spine and your abs engaged. Don’t let your back bow. Perform 8-10 times

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