Pulsing Hip Extensor Exercise

Moving the thigh backward is the particular move in pulsing hip extensor exercise. This backward movement that stresses hips is called hip extension. Hip extension is an important move to perform in order to live a healthy life as the strength of gluteus, core, leg and lower body muscles help prevent injuries and discomforts. Hip extension exercise can be done by standing, kneeling or lying down. But perform hip exercises while laying down helps you more to concentrate the main gluteus muscles. Pulsing hip extensor exercise maintains and improves your body posture and decrease the muscle tension.

Pulsing Hip Extensor Exercise - Step 1

Step 1

Begin on your forearms and knees on the ground on an exercise matt. Straighten one leg back behind you and lift it to hip level.

Pulsing Hip Extensor Exercise - Step 2

Step 2

Initiate the movement in very small pulsing actions, aiming to take 2 - 3 seconds to lower and raise your foot back down 10 - 14 inches. Turning the foot out to the side to help work your smaller deep extensor muscles and glutes.

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