High Knees Exercise


High knees exercise is a typical running like movement in which you have to lift your knees till your waist height. High knees workout dramatically increases your heart rate and burns body fats fast. It is a great practice for runners and athletes to improve running form and develop lower body muscles. It also enhances your strength, speed, balance and flexibility. You can perform high knees workout on standing a place and impersonating running or you can move over a distance. The movement is effective both the ways. Knee high exercise tone your abs, thighs, core abs and strengthens your lower body muscles and legs specifically. It provides you more energy, burns calories, builds muscles and enhances blood circulation.

High Knees Exercise - Step 1

Step 1

Begin standing on the floor. As if you were running, lift your feet off the ground one at a time, bringing your knees high up to waist level.

High Knees Exercise - Step 2

Step 2

Maintain a quick, yet steady tempo during this exercise. Perform for 20 seconds to a minute to elevate your heart rate.

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