Bench Jumps Exercise


Bench Jumps exercise is a Plyometric workout that needs quick and powerful movements. Plyometric exercises are more likely to get injuries so it is essential to be careful and follow the proper technique. Bench jumps exercise is a perfect workout for toning legs and lower body muscles. It also helps in burning fats and weight loses. It’s a good way for improving jumping. Bench jumps also work on your core abdominal and back muscles along with strengthening the leg power. It is advisable that bench jumps exercise is an advanced workout and you should be careful for any pain or discomfort and immediately discontinue if feel any pain.

Bench Jumps Exercise - Step 1

Step 1

Begin with your hands on a bench or chair, and your feet together on one side of the bench.

Bench Jumps Exercise - Step 2

Step 2

bend your knees and jump over the bench to the other side then quickly Jump back to the starting side. These are to be done quickly and smoothly. Do not pause between jumps. Try to perform 20-40 bench jumps to elevate your heart rate. Instead of counting try for 1 minute of continuous activity.

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