Jogging counts as one of the most beneficial exercises designed both for the body and the mind. The benefits associated with jogging can be linked to years of research which show that it is an extremely effective workout preventing the risks of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and cancer. Jogging can also help fight away depression and stress while improving the overall look of an appearance by keeping the muscles lean and toned.

The concept of spot jogging or jogging in place is relatively new. However, if you don’t feel like stepping outside and going for a jog, it is not a bad idea to stay indoors and spot jog instead. The benefits of spot jogging are plenty and the reasons why you should take it up are as follows:


This may not strike as the most exciting benefit of spot jogging, but it cannot be denied! One of the safest methods for weight management is spot jogging. Just like brisk walking, spot jogging benefits rank high in terms of watching your weight. The first and foremost benefit of spot jogging is that it gives you the leverage to start the workout at your own pace and progress forward with the same because you can start with a sprint on the spot and then slow down when you feel the need to. Furthermore, at the time of ending the session, staying on the spot makes it easier to recover from the troubles of heavy breathing, which can otherwise be difficult with other workouts such as running, mobile jogging or sprinting.


Spot jogging is a zero hassle workout. You don’t need any fancy equipment to carry out this exercise. One of the main benefits of spot jogging is that all you need is a place where you can stand and jump start this amazing fat crushing workout. Be it the bedroom, the garage, the porch, the front yard, the bathroom or even an office space, spot jogging can be easily executed almost anywhere!


Yet another benefit of spot jogging is that it is extremely inexpensive. It is inexpensive because you do not need any equipment for it, ranging from gym equipment to even a particular pair of shoes a sit can practically be carried out barefooted, in sandals, in sneaker and even in slippers! You don’t need any lessons to learn how to jog in place and neither do you need a gym membership! It’s simple, it’s safe and it’s cheap!  

Burns Calories

Jogging in place also has the benefit of being an amazing calorie burner. If you jog in place for 15 minutes, you will end up burning around 144 calories and a spot jogging session lasting 30 minutes can help you burn 281 calories! Practicing this routine for 15 minutes 3 times a day at any time convenient for you can help you attain the goal of burning 423 calories a day. That is a grand total of 12690 calories burned in one month of just standing in one place and jogging!