If you are talking from a weight loss and health point of you, answering whether running is better or walking, can get you stuck in quite the pickle! There are a lot of factors to consider before we can establish which of the two is better with respect to health benefits. A leisurely stroll across the park, with the wind slightly whistling through the skin, liberating the body, or a brisk run, complete with an adrenaline rush, heart thumping, runner’s high, can both help you reap the vast benefits of exercising.

Speaking factually, running and walking are pretty much similar as exercises in terms of biomechanics, but that is not to say that rather stark differences do not exist in terms of other factors. Walking and running vary immensely in terms of calorie burning, impact, efficiency and the time it takes to recover post exercise. This still does not answer our question, as to if we are to wrestle the two down, which would tap the other out? Let us examine a few factors that are vital contributors to benefits of running and walking! Let the games begin, running and walking – which one is better? In 3, 2, 1…GO!

In Terms of Shedding those Pounds!

When it comes to losing weight, which one is better, walking or running? Off the top of the head, running sounds like a better deal when it comes to weight loss, simply because it is more of an energy expending activity, contributing better towards calorie burning! However, the catch here is that the individual may have to keep switching between paces if he wants to keep losing weight instead of hitting the point of stagnation at some level. His is where, walking can show off! In order for running to be effective, the individual must start with walking, then advance on to jogging, and then finally pick up the pace and sprint through the fields!

The point being, running is nothing without walking giving the body an approval that it can finally run now! However, that does not change the fact that running contributes much towards weight loss than does walking! Round one, goes to running hands down!

 In Terms of the Level of Impact!

Another important aspect to consider when fighting out running and walking in a death round of the fittest, is the level of impact each entails! Running comparatively is more impactful than walking as it requires a great deal of pounding repeatedly. Even though this can cause inflammation of the joints including the hips, ankles and knees in the short run, it can actually prevent bone loss in the long run!

The factor to consider here is age! If you start at a young age when your body is more open to hits, jolts and bruises then running is the calling for you. But, if you are older and facing the slightest of joint related troubles, we suggest you keep it to walking and may be advance on to running some point in time! Well, what do you know, this round is a tie!

In Terms of the Attire!

Attire is an important factor to consider when it comes to anything! Be it social outings, business related meetings and even exercising! The deal we are considering here is which of the two has an easier, more laid back and more chilling attire? Let’s see, in terms of clothes, both running and walking can be performed in pretty much anything that is comfortable, made of a soft material and preferably either lose or stretchable!

What about the shoes? There is a big difference between walking shoes and running shoes, and surprisingly this is one difference people mostly fail to distinguish or understand! Walking shoes are slightly heavier, as walking is a more time consuming activity and heavier shoes provide more cushioning to the foot, and since walking does not require much flexibility, heavier and stiffer shoes are a better bet! Running shoes on the other hand are super light because heavier shoes can make taking large strides difficult and break the flow of impact as well!

I would like to call this one a tie as well, because both require clothing and equipment that is readily available, affordable and allows air to pass through wherever it finds its way; let’s face it, when we’re sweating, we beg for it!


Running and walking have pretty much been neck to neck in this faceoff! However, runing does have the added benefit of contributing significantly more towards weight loss. But, walking hasn’t given up yet! It is a fact, that if you are very much out of shape and overweight, running can do you more harm than good.

It is walking that can do wonders for you here in terms of weight loss and cardio health, in an easy going, less stress exerting, leisurely way!

Given all these factors, it is fair to say running and walking are both equally beneficial in their own respects. Where running loses, walking emerges as the champ, and where walking loses, running drifts it to a sprint of a win!