Losing weight is a tedious process, but ultimately one that can be managed with a few steps. Admittedly, some people may find themselves more at home with it than others. Whatever your genetic make-up might be, a push in the right direction can help you realize your goals. There are several reasons why you would want to lose weight. Maybe the pounds crept up over the years. Perhaps you’re a new mother. Whatever the cause, increasing your daily physical activity is a great way to inject new energy into your life and help you shed those pounds. According to Webmd.com, “becoming more active and improving your eating habits are the two main ways to reach a healthy weight.”
Why run?

Running to lose weight is an excellent, effective and highly efficient way for you to achieve your desired weight-loss goals. Running requires a minimum of resources. It is easy, economical and does not need you to spend time or energy learning a barrage of instructions or moves. With a few simple steps to keep in mind, you are good to go!

First Steps.

We’re with you all the way! Here’s a simple and precise running plan to lose weight. But before you reach for those running shoes, there are some steps you need to take. Safety first! Make sure you:

Get a clean bill of health from your doctor:

This step is absolutely crucial! You should always consult with your physician before making any lifestyle changes.

Buy the right running shoes:

It is highly recommended that you have your running shoe individually fitted to your needs; however there are many affordable options to pick right off the shelf as well. Just make sure you buy something that is comfortable and also provides proper support to your feet.

Ready, set, go!

Now that you have gotten the go ahead and are ready to start running to lose weight, here’s what to do. Start with a week by week process that you can tweak as you go along, eventually tailoring the goals into a highly personalized running program. Some people enjoy running with a group of friends, or have running partners which can be very motivational. In fact, if you can get a running buddy, go for it! The company that you keep will be instrumental in keeping you focused on your running plan. Running to lose weight can be fun in this way. You get to socialize, shed weight, tone your body and build muscles all at the same time! If you prefer the solitary running regimen, more power to you! Grab your I-pod, crank up the volume and go for it!

Easy does it.

Consistency in any weight loss routine is crucial to success. That also holds true for running programs. Running 3-4 days a week will burn off calories, improve cardiovascular health and build stamina. According to Womenshealthmag.com it is good to start your running program slowly and steadily, progressing to a more focused routine by week 5. Jenny Hadfield, co-author of Running for Mortals, recommends that you ‘continue to build your running regimen by adding 3-5 minutes to your workout time and decreasing your walking time every 1-2 weeks until your reach your goal.’ 
As your running program progresses week on week, you may also want to mix and match different intensity levels, always going slowly, patiently and listening to your body:
Easy Effort: Just as it sounds, this is an easy run that requires little effort. Think of it as a light jog.

Steady Effort: Any run at this intensity should be done at a consistent pace that would allow you to carry on a regular, unbroken conversation with a running partner.

Solid Effort: This is an intensity in which you can speak, but only in shorts spurts of three or four sprints at a time.

Eating right for maximum results

One last tip to help that can move the scales in your favor: eat right! Incorporate leafy greens and fresh fruits in your daily diet. This helps to provide vital nutrients and may accelerate your weight loss goals. Now that you know how much fun and exciting running to lose weight can be, don’t hold back! Rejuvenate your life, take charge, and let your feet guide the way to better health.