We all have busy schedules, lives on the go and absolutely no time at all. In all this panic, where do you fit health? Your fitness regimen simply goes out the window if you give in to time constraints – which is often the easier thing to do. However, for many people, the solution to this dilemma has been the installation of one of the most basic pieces of exercise equipment - the Treadmill …

The question that now arises is of treadmill vs. running. Is running on a treadmill as effective as when you go for a run outdoors? Does it provide the same health benefits and help you lose the same amount of calories or is running outdoors relatively more beneficial. Here is a brief overview of both kinds of running to help you compare and contrast between the two in an attempt to find out whether one has more health benefits than the other.

What Exactly Are the Benefits of Running (in specific)?

Before we go on to talk about treadmill vs. running, you need to understand the concept of how running helps you lose weight. Calories are a measurement of the energy stored in your body. This energy is required by your organs to perform daily functions, it is also required by your body to survive. Activities that you might be doing burn calories in the form of energy as well.  Watching television burns 56 calories per hour in an individual who weighs 155 pounds. A study published in the ‘Harvard Heart Letter’ stated that the same individual burns 94 calories per hour standing in line, 102 calories per hour doing computer work, 130 calories per hour doing desk work, and 260 calories per hour shopping for food. The mechanism of losing weigh works along these lines as well. You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume and 1 pound is lost when you lose about 3500 calories. The debate regarding treadmill vs. running is centered around which form of running helps you lose more calories while toning your body faster. Let’s find out.

Treadmill vs. Running: What Exactly Is Being Taken Into Account

Running in place vs. running have differing effects on your body. While both of them are effective workouts in their own right, research has shown that running outdoors has a more beneficial effect on your body. Here are some ways in which this occurs:

  • Running on the treadmill is easier because the automated pace of the treadmill belt assists leg turnover and you do not have to put in as much effort as you have to in running outdoors thus less calories are lost.
  • Due to the different surfaces that a runner experiences outdoors, there is a certain soft tissue conditioning and toning of leg muscle that comes about. This does not occur when one is running on a treadmill as the belt is the same consistency throughout.
  • The treadmill vs. running debate has to take into account external conditions. The only stimulus that a treadmill can provide is a different incline. In the outdoors however, a runner has to brave different climatic conditions, surfaces and inclines while running against the wind, something that requires greater resistance and therefore, burns more calories.