The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear the term pose running is either some sort of new hip hop dance or a new moonwalk! Even though that would be awesome it is certainly not the case. Pose running is in fact a technique for runners that teaches them the importance of position and balance in achieving the ideal form.

Most runners with highly engineered running shoes, high tech clothing and specially designed headphones use the equipment to increase their performance. The one thing that they overlook is the benefits of proper technique.

The pose running method  emphasizes proper form and technique for increasing efficiency while reducing the risk of injury. What pose running method offers is a focus on position and balance to achieve an ideal form.

Most runners find that when they start to hurt or have reached a point where they are not seeing any more results in their training. Since pose reduces stress on the knees by 53% according to a 2004 study published in “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,”. Runners can increase their distances and avoid injury.

Even athletes follow the principles of the pose running method, players such soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Olympic runner Usain Bolt all apply the fundamentals of this strategy.  Read on to Discover the basics what is pose running!

Pose Running: The Basics

The technique was developed by scientist and Coach Nicholas Romanov. He developed his story after studying various other athletes from a variety of sports and noticed how their movements were a series of poses. After discovering this he set on to produce the ideal running form. 

He believed that:

  • The best running form aligns the shoulders, hips and head creating a better center of gravity.
  • Shorter and quicker steps: Eliminating unnecessary movements, the focus is to increase smaller strides per minute as that gains them more speed.
  • Acceleration would increase using smaller quicker steps rather than long lanky strides.

The Basic Method:

The pose running method has been incorporated in different fitness routines such as the Cross-fit Endurance Program.

  • Pose running method is a blend of utilizing the force of gravity by falling forward and shifting your body support by landing your feet directly under the body as your progress further.
  • The change of support is the difference between positions and posing as we move through.
  • An important thing for any beginner who is learning the Pose running method is to focus on moving swiftly and efficiently. Gravity is the force that dictates all movement.
  • The best idea here is to use gravity as best as you can rather than opposing it.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

Becoming proficient at the running pose takes hard work, focus on the proper mechanics of the technique, applying it and finally time. The pose running method can be demanding as it places emphasis on muscle development and increase endurance. This could be difficult for casual athletes but through practice you can adapt to it. It has a list of benefits which would not only increase your running efficiency/time but also reduce chances of injury.

One thing that should always kept in mind is that before you partake in any strenuous exercise you should always Consult your physician to know that you are in good health to do these exercises!