Playlist for Yoga (22nd October 2012)

Playlist for Yoga (22nd October 2012)

There is a sacred relation between sound and healing because music has a power to penetrate the soul. It has become a source of communication among people on many levels. Use this communication to heal the soul and hear the sound of nature along with some best instrumental mixes..


Artist name: JohnnyRedline


Artist name: Rhonda Larson


Artist name: Tzvi Erez

In Dreams - Flute

4- In Dreams - Flute

Artist name: Lord of the Rings


Artist name: James Horner

Raindance (with Yoga Dance )

6- Raindance (with Yoga Dance )

Artist name: Red Buddha

River Flows In You

7- River Flows In You

Artist name: Yiruma

Titanic- Hymn to the sea

8- Titanic- Hymn to the sea

Artist name: James Horner


9- Tranquility

Artist name: Fred Kinck Petersen and Tzvi Erez

Violin Piece

10- Violin Piece

Artist name: Mozart