We often spend our entire day sitting on the same chair in the same office. This is because as technology has evolved, the physical demands of jobs have reduced. Hence, most of the people working at offices usually spend their entire day sitting in one position. Some may think that this is a benefit of new technology, the truth is sitting too much can actually be harmful for your health. Researchers from Australia conducted studies which revealed different health risks you are vulnerable to, if you sit too much. Fitness Republic tells you about why sitting all day is bad for you!

Disadvantage # 1 - Diabetes

An average adult spends about 90 percent of his/her leisure time sitting down. The research conducted at University of Missouri uncovered that people who sit too much are at greater risk of being obese and suffering from diabetes. The body is like a temple and we have to treat it like one! Our body needs physical activities along with proper diet to function efficiently. Lack of any physical activities usually causes weight gain and leads to higher sugar levels resulting in diabetes.

Disadvantage # 2 – Cardiovascular Disease

A study published in the Journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise revealed that sitting too much increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. The study uncovered that you increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 54 percent if you sit too much. The body requires some physical activities so that the heart can perform its functions properly, if we sit all day it can negatively affect our cardiac health.

Disadvantage # 3 - Cancer

Sitting too much has been associated with an increased risk of colon and breast cancer. MSNBC reported that the main reason for cancer in 170,000 patients per year is due to sitting too much. "For many of the most common cancers, it seems like something as simple as a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can help reduce cancer risk," said Christine Friedenreich, an epidemiologist with Alberta Health Services.

Disadvantage # 4 – Reduced Life Expectancy

Who knew that sitting too much can increase our risk of dying? The study revealed that women who sat for longer hours had 40 percent increased chances of dying over a 13 year span. As for males, those who sit too much have 18 percent higher risk of dying as compared to those who are more active.

Disadvantage # 5 – Excessive Weight Gain (Lower Body)

It is a medical fact that exerting pressure on some parts of the body can increase fat production in that part by up to 50 percent. Hence when you sit on a seat or even the floor all day, you are putting a lot of pressure on your bottom, which results in weight gain in your lower body.

Disadvantage # 6 – Reduced Life Expectancy (Part 2)

After work, most of us usually spend our time watching Television. What we fail to understand is that sitting too much in front of the TV can be harmful as well! A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine stated that 1 hour of TV can reduce our life expectancy by 22 minutes.


Fitness Republic has always emphasized on the importance and need for exercise. Sitting too much and wasting time in front of the TV can increase the risk of being vulnerable to diseases. Hence, rather than sitting all day, engage yourself in simple exercise. Try to include 30 minutes of cardio exercises in your schedule; this would protect you from the diseases caused by sitting all day.