Summer is the time everyone is waiting for! It’s the best time to be outdoors and go to the beach! However, summer time can be extremely dangerous in terms of your health. Indeed, the heat at times can be extremely harsh, nearly impossible to endure! The heat may cause diarrhea, dehydration, bad skin, rashes and more!  Also, summer time is when the UV rays are at their strongest and may trigger skin cancer. These can be extremely harmful and damaging.

The Health Dangers Of Summer

The most common health dangers that summer brings with it, includes;

  1. Skin Cancer
  2. Food Poisoning
  3. Heat Stroke
  4. Weakened/Damaged Vision
  5. Sun Burn
  6. Rashes
  7. Oily Skin

We understand your concerns with the rising temperature and therefore we have listed a number of tips that will help protect you from the harmful effects of the heat and sun.

Summer Health Tip #1- Keep Yourself Hydrated!

Don’t take this for granted, keeping yourself hydrated is very important! Even if you are not thirsty drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Hydration is important because in the heat, you may not even realize it, but we lose a lot of water from our body. That is why it is important to keep refilling yourselves with more. Hydration also helps keep our body cool, making it easier to endure the summer heat. It is always best to keep yourself hydrated with water and not any other carbonated or alcoholic beverage. What you can have though, are fresh juices. Even lemonade with some honey can do you wonders as this acts like an instant healthy energizer and replenishes all the body’s fluids that it may constantly be losing!

Summer Health Tip #2- Protection From The Sun!

Sunscreens and sun block will help prevent the harmful effects of the UV rays, which includes the risk of skin cancer and skin damage.
One can also resort to wearing hats! You can blend in safety with some style too!  It is also recommended to take cold water baths and showers instead of hot ones, this can be damaging to your skin, especially when you are already enduring a hot weather! Aloe vera can also be used as a summertime moisturizer and as ointment to treat sunburns!

Summer Health Tip #3- Berryful Diet Boost!

There is nothing better than having fresh fruits, especially in the summer heat! However the ideal fruit to add into your diet for summer are berries! Yes, berries are extremely high in just the right antioxidants you will need, these will also help prevent age related health problems and tissue damage! One cup of chilled fresh mixed berries will do the trick! These include blackberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries etc! These berries will also give you the summer boost you need!

Summer Health Tip #4- Wear Light Colored Clothes!

Wearing light colors is very important as they absorb less heat, wearing dark colors like black, dark blue, browns or even dark purples all absorb heat. Also, make sure you are wearing comfortable and suitable fabric for the heat, like cotton. Wearing uncomfortable fabrics or even tight clothes can make you very uncomfortable, and are more likely to heat you up faster. Such clothes can also cause irritating and painful rashes. Also try wearing long loose breathable sleeves in order to avoid sun exposure and burn!

Summer Health Tip #5- The Eyes!

Our eyes are the most complex and delicate part of our body and therefore they need to be taken care of as well. Our eyes get irritated easily by the sun making it difficult to look in the same direction, especially while driving. Well not only is this a source of inconvenience, but it is also harmful for the eyes, which may also lead to poor eyesight. The best way to care for them is to wear dark sun glasses in the day which will help block sunlight.

Summer Health Tip #6- Showers!

Showering in the heat and hot weather is very important as one sweats a lot! Sweating can very unhygienic as it releases all the germs that were in our body, which is why it can smell bad. Therefore it is important to take cold showers with anti bacterial soaps. Beauty soaps will not help get rid of germs and that is why during summer time you and even children need to use antibacterial soaps.  This will therefore help prevent various skin conditions, especially heat rashes!