Benefits of Zumba® Toning

There are indeed quite a few benefits to enjoy with Toning. For instance, Zumba® with weights offers the advantage of better muscle tone, strength and definition, in addition to building lean body mass, you will an efficient metabolism and good sense of posture and balance.

Generally speaking, including weights in a cardiovascular workout such as Zumba® will enhance the already present benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Not only does it enhance your caloric burn, it also improves your bone density, joints, sense of co-ordination and motor control, muscular endurance and cognitive function.

Zumba® LLC deems Zumba® Toning a suitable exercise for anyone in good health, particularly without a medical history of cardiorespiratory problems, joint injuries or hypertension.

Toning Sticks or Wrist Weights & Dumb-Bells

 In almost all Zumba® Toning classes, you are provided with toning sticks  that are 1.5 lbs heavy and have grainy materials in them that make pleasant maraca- type music; chhh-chhh, chh-chhh.

For those who have a preference for heavier weights, you may want to consider that the American Council on Exercise suggests not exceeding 3 lbs in cardiovascular training.  Moreover, the class is likely to shake their sticks to make noise; however, those who are using heavier weights such as wrist weights or dumbbells should refrain from doing so. Keep your weights elevated but still, and shake your hips, instead. Also, avoid using sticks or weights during high-intensity exercises like jumping or when the music is too fast to maintain proper form.


It would be wise not to use wrist weights in a basic class of Zumba®, until and unless you have received formal training about the safety of using weights. If you still feel you are up to it, make sure you have ample space and be ready to modify your work out from the entire class.


We suggest that you use your wrist weights with Zumba® Toning around 3 times a week, leaving a day’s gap.