After getting done with your Zumba routine, it is very important to cool down; stretch and do easier moves in order to relax your muscles. Hence, we have compiled a list of songs that you can enjoy when you cool down! These songs will help you relax and cool down after a good day’s Zumba routine.

Cool Down Songs

  • Caraluna -  Zumba Fitness
  • One Day -  Matisyahu
  • Colgando En Tus Manos -  Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez
  • La Palomia, Alberto Barro
  • Music With Mar - Cool Down
  • LL Cool J - Down The Aisle

Kolohe Kai - This Is The Life

  • Les Ms - Music Down In My Soul
  • La Cienega -Ryan Adams

David Lowe BBC World The Music - Asian Dream

  • La Vida Es Bella by Ana Isabelle ft. Chino y Nacho – Cumbia
  • Mackakaby Kid Afrika – Salsa/Reggaeton

Additional Zumba Tracks to Get Your Groove On!

Here we have enlisted some other tracks that you could listen to while doing Zumba. So enjoy and get your groove on.

  • La Cachucha Bacana – Cumbia Calypso
  • Footloose – Kenny Loggins
  • El Amor, El Amor
  • I Wanna (remix radio)…..Sahara & Bob Sinclar
  • El Senor De La Noche
  • Que Te Mueve Merengue -Zumba Fitness Cardio Party Soundtrack
  • Pa' la Discoteka a Bailar - Techno / Cumbia Vibe Tribe
  • Quebra As Cadeira (Axe) Best of Exhilarate Soundtrack, Vol. 2
  • Zumba Te Suelta - Reggaeton Hip Hop Party Nation: World Music By Zumba Fitness

The crucial element of Zumba is the fun and excitement you get when you actually do it, hence for that it is important to select the right type of music to get you in the mood to groove. Hence, we have given a list of Zumba cool down tracks and some additional tracks that can help you out with your training!