A common inconvenience that many are confronted with when contemplating whether to work out in the summer is the scorching heat and the excessive sweating which just works to discourage you to the point that you decide not to work out. An easy solution to all your problems is yoga in the water. All the stretches and poses that you do on land can be done in the water to provide an equally effective workout. Here are some of the benefits of yoga work outs performed in the water as well as the different poses that can be incorporated into these workouts to make them beneficial. Now you can beat the heat and get rid of that entire winter chub at the same time.

Why the Water is a Good Idea:

Whether it is something as basic as jogging, or yoga in the water, transferring your workout to the water has more benefits than letting you beat the heat. Firstly, since the water is a denser medium it offers greater resistance and therefore your muscles get a more thorough work out this way as the muscles in the core need to be constantly working in order to keep the body upright. Additionally, it is soothing and gentle on the joints and therefore yoga workouts in water are ideal for anyone who is recovering from an injury.

Water Walking:

A walk in the park during summer months can become quite boring as well as too hot to handle. In such cases, a great idea is to take your walk to the pool. Yoga in the water incorporates this walking whereby which you end up doing equal amounts of exercise and reaping greater benefits. Start by walking a short distance for a short time and see how your body adapts to the newly added resistance. When, the body becomes accustomed to it, you can try and make the walking more intense so that it has a greater effect on your body. This could be done by including routines like:

Heels up:

Try to walk with your heels almost reaching your butt with every step. A combination of two kicks in place of one step is also a good idea.

Knee up:

You could add variety o this exercise by attempting to jog backwards in the pool with your knees raised so high with each step that they are practically touching your chin.

Yoga in Water:

The idea behind yoga in water is to strengthen your back and your core muscles giving your body a stronger base and a better alignment in general. Water yoga involves using floating devices in the deep end of the pool, and practicing basic stretches of yoga in the shallow end. The additional resistance of the water coupled with the better balance and coordination required to hold yourself steady in the water really helps to make your back stronger and thereby increases your posture. Therefore, yoga in water can usually prove to be more effective than yoga on land.