Cellulite is a symptom of “reduced lymph circulation," says a weight loss expert Atma Levitt. This decreased circulation causes the lymph to be deposited in different parts of our body forming what we know as cellulite which leads to unsightly weight gain and spongy thighs. Yoga is an important way to combat this condition.

Yoga is an age old Indian concept that aims to incorporate the body and soul into one to improve health, fitness and tone your body up. It is also used in many healing procedures because it keeps the body so healthy. However, are there any yoga poses for cellulite – as ridiculous as that may sound? In fact, the discipline of yoga is believed to be very effective in warding off cellulite. His primarily occurs because yoga exercises help the slowed down lymph to move easily through the fatty areas resulting in toxins being flushed out and a reduction of cellulite. Here are some yoga posses that are particularly effective in this regard.

Standing Forward Bend:

The standing forward bend is the first yoga pose for cellulite. Stand with your feet as apart as the hip distance. Now hinging forward at the hip keep your chest on your upper thighs keeping your knee slightly bent. Let your head fall toward the ground and hold on to your ankles for support. Now using the quadriceps muscle straighten out your knee ensuring that your hips remain directly above your feet at all times. Try to stay in this position for the length of five to eight deep and steady breaths.

The Chair Pose:

The chair pose is the second yoga pose for cellulite reduction. The starting position involves standing in a way that your feet are together so that their thumbs are touching and ankles are slightly apart. The idea is to lower your hips and bend your knees in a position as if they are sitting on a chair all the while extending the chest upwards. Simultaneously, you should try to stretch your arms upwards in the direction your ears point, all the while elongating them using your fingers. The shoulders should be relaxed and abs held in when this is occurring. The aim of the exercise is to lower yourself as much as possible with the ninety degree mark being your limit. Hold this position for a few deep breaths and then release aiming to repeat it about thrice for ultimate cellulite reduction.

Half Shoulder Stand:

Another very effective yoga pose for cellulite the half shoulder stand really speeds up the distribution of lymph in the body. The starting position of this is to lie on your back with your torso flat on the floor and your arms by your sides. Next, you slowly bend your knees and while remaining in the same position, try curling them upwards towards your forehead. Next, in order to support this position you keep your hands on your hips while ensuring that your elbows are always resting on the ground. After holding this position for a few deep breaths, you need to release it very carefully releasing the knees and gently lowering your back to the ground. This release needs to be done with care because back injuries have often resulted from it.