Natural Beauty with Yoga

Timeless beauty: it’s something that all of us would love to achieve. These days, the popular way to achieve this ideal goal of eternal beauty is through costly artificial means such as plastic surgeries or expensive creams and lotions. Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if there was a way to look fresh, young and rejuvenated without investing in such costly, artificial beauty enhancing procedures? Well, you are in luck! The popularity of yoga face exercises is on an all time rise. Yoga facial exercises help to tone and tighten the muscles and prevent the signs of aging, such as wrinkles, from exhibiting themselves on your face! Ten to fifteen minutes a day of yoga facial exercises are enough to give all the 57 muscles in your face, a good workout.

The Sphinx Smile!

Keep your eyes neutral and turn all your attention to your lips. The basic idea of the sphinx pose is to smile widely, lifting the corners of the lips as much as possible without allowing movement in the muscles around the eyes. This yoga facial exercise eradicates smile lines!   

The Marilyn!

This fun pose will have you blowing kisses, and that too repeatedly! Keep the brow smooth and repeat this at least four times. The Marilyn will keep your lips firm and strong.

The Surprise!

This pose literally mimics the expression of surprise. Open your eyes as wide as you can without allowing your brow to wrinkle, now stare at one point in the distance for at least 5 to 10 seconds. This yoga face exercise will get rid of your wrinkles in no time.

The Satchmo!

Take a deep breath, allow your cheeks to fill up with air and then purse your lips to hold the air in. Now transfer the pocket of air from one cheek to the next. Performing this yoga facial exercise will prevent saggy cheeks!

The Lion Face!

In the lion face exercise, first inhale through the nose, squeeze your face muscles as much as possible and bring your hands into fists. When you exhale from your mouth, roll your eyes, open your mouth, stick your tongue out and allow your hands to relax. This yoga face exercise is to be repeated thrice so that you can alleviate the tension and stress from your face muscles, and also give them an effective stretch!

Baby Bird!

Look up towards the ceiling, swallow and press your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth. Then tilt your head towards the right, and swallow, and repeat this sequence with a left tilt. This yoga face exercise is to be repeated 4 times. The baby bird is a great yoga facial exercise for strengthening the jaw, neck and shoulders.


These yoga facial exercises are simple, easy to practice and can be conveniently incorporated into your daily routine no matter how full your schedule may be! Yoga face exercises are your key to unlocking the door of natural, ageless beauty and youthful skin.