To make the most of your summer you need riddance from any flab around the arms! To get those perfectly sun kissed, summer beach toned arms effect, we have the perfect remedy for you! Whether you have ever followed it before or not, now is the time to get your groove on with some beats of yoga! Yoga is known to build that upper body strength you need to look as hot as summer in those summery clothes you have been stocking your wardrobes with!

Here are a few yoga exercises for the arms we suggest you jump into as soon as possible to get those toned arms we all desire and get ready for a flirty exciting summer ahead!

The Push-Up Pose!

The push-up pose begins is one of the most effective yoga arm poses! It starts with the downward facing dog position. Next, bring your shoulders forward and position them directly under your shoulders. From your torso through your legs, keep your body straight and aligned parallel to the floor. Without touching your body to the floor, bend the elbows and try to lower your body towards the floor as low as you can make it go. This pose helps build the arm strength once enough practice has been received. The push-up pose is an effective yoga arm balance striking pose, helping tone them effectively!

The Side Plank Pose!

The side plank pose is excellent as it is one of the yoga exercises for arms that consist of a yoga arm pose that is very effective in helping you achieve those sleek sexy toned arms!  It is rather simple and this is how you do it. Assume the plank position described above, transition into the side plank pose by lifting one arm up and resting the palm of the hand of the other arm on the floor. Open up the chest and assume this position for about 5 deep breaths. Return to the plank position, switch the arms and follow the same procedure again to tone up both the arms equally!

Inclined Plane!

Another very important yoga arm pose is the inclined plane! To carry out this pose, what you need to do is rather simple. Sit down, with your legs stretched put right in front of you, just behind your buttocks, and place the palms of your hands on the floor on either side of your body with your fingertips pointing towards your feet. Here is where the tricky part begins: lift your body up in a straight position as much as you can, raising your buttocks and your legs off the floor keeping your bodies as straight as possible. Keep your soles flat on the ground, legs and arms as straight as possible and assume position for around 5 breaths!