The wide-angle seated forward bend pose is a great full body stretch and strengthening asana. If you are looking to give those hamstrings a good workout, the wide-angle seated forward bend is the perfect yoga posture to include in your yoga routine! It may be a bit challenging to perform initially, but with regular practice you will be able to perform the wide-angle seated forward bend with ease. You can perform the baddha konasana, dandasana, supta baddha konasana and supta padangusthasana as preparatory poses before you attempt the wide-angle seated forward bend!

Step by Step Instructions

Spread your yoga mat in a peaceful spot and perform the wide-angle seated forward bend sequence!

  1. Position yourself in the dandasana (staff pose) on the yoga mat.
  2. Spread your legs out as much as you can without straining yourself.
  3. Keep your feet flexed, toes pointing upwards, and press your legs against the mat.
  4. Now bend your upper body forward between your legs, keeping your back flat. Stop bending as soon as you feel your back beginning to round.
  5. Maintain the pose for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Health Benefits

The wide-angle seated forward bend pose has numerous heath benefits!

  1. Acts as a stimulant for the abdominal organs.
  2. Stretches and strengthens the spine.
  3. Relaxes the brain and helps to release stress.
  4. A great pose for stretching the legs and groin.

Things to Remember!

Individuals with injuries or pain in the lower back should refrain from attempting the wide-angle seated forward bend. Enlist the help of a yoga professional who can suggest suitable modifications according to the severity of the condition.