All you Zumba fans out there gear up for the grooviest, most body rocking and hip shaking Zumba songs of 2013! This Zumba collection will not only make you crank up that volume but also give that energy boost to dance your butts off.

Zumba music is bound to reel you in and make you crack those dance moves that you always thought were too embarrassing to pull off in a public setting. That is exactly what Zumba does! It will make you lose that self-consciousness and opens you up to freely expressing yourself.

This Latin inspired dance workout has transcended borders mainly due to Zumba music’s ability to tap into every body’s love for dance. There are no age restrictions for you to enjoy Zumba! You could be a teenager, a twenty something or a middle-aged parent. All it takes is a little initiative and confidence to become that rock star you have always wanted to be.

There are many Zumba songs to choose from and every instructor makes his or her own playlists based on his or her preferences. But all Zumba songs have a particular sequence which typically starts off with warm up songs to get your body ready for the energetic movements that are to follow. After a series of pumped up beats, a few cool down songs are played to gradually calm your body and bring your breath back to normal.  

Top 10 Popular Zumbalicious Songs!

It would take a mammoth amount of self control to stop your body from moving to these dance numbers. Take a look, give them a listen, and join the dancing craze! Here are the Top 10 Zumba Songs of 2013.

1.    Besito ‘e Carmelo – Reggaeton / Cumbia


2.    Don’t Let Me Down – Swing



3.    Arabian Myth – Belly Dance


4.    TeEstoyAmando – Cumbia / Salsa



5.    La Canción Del Bobo – TropiPop


6.    Bring It On – Latin House



7.    La Luz del Flow – Merengue / Hip-Hop



8.    Mueve La Cadera – Batucada / Merengue


9.    Mumbai Mash-Up – Bollywood Fusion


10.    Mr. Fusion – Sino Fusion