Attention all you Zumba lovers, are you ready to groove to the hottest hip shaking, body rocking beats of 2012? You better be! This Zumba collection will crank up the heat and have you shimmying and shaking like there’s no tomorrow. Brace yourself for the best Zumba songs!

Yes, Zumba is a great fitness workout but you have to admit, it’s the music that really pulls you to it. (This is where the top Zumba songs step in!) This Latin inspired dance workout has transcended borders mainly due to Zumba music’s ability to tap into every body’s love for dance. From Zumba parties to Zumba challenges, this fitness craze has attracted a diehard fan following which not only includes young fans in their late teens, twenties and early thirties, but people from all age brackets! You know what they say, music is a universal language, and Zumba more than proves that that saying true.

Of course, the list of Zumba tracks is a long long one. Every instructor has their favorite Zumba songs depending on their genre preferences. Indeed, everyone has their own version of ‘top Zumba songs’!  Some Zumba classes will feature more hip hop songs while others may veer towards pop or Latin infused beats. Regardless of the genre, all Zumba classes have a particular sequence which typically starts off with warm up songs to get your body ready for the energetic movements that are to follow. After a series of pumped up beats, a few cool down songs are played to gradually calm your body and bring your breath back to normal.

Top 5 Zumbalicious Songs!

It would take a mammoth amount of self control to stop your body from moving to these dance numbers. Take a look, give them a listen, and join the dancing craze! Drum Roll please; we present to you the Top 5 Zumba Songs of 2012!

1. Turn Me On - David Guetta Feat Nicki Minaj

2. We Run the Night - Pitbull Feat Havana Brown

3. Turn Up the Music - Chris Brown

4. Rain Over Me - Pitbull Feat Marc Anthony

5. Dance , Dance, Dance - Zumba Fitness

All the above mentioned songs feature addictive dance music that gets you moving without even trying!

Zumba All Time Favorites!

Of course, these are not the only crazy Zumba tunes that you can groove to. If that was the case, Zumba would be pretty monotonous and boring. Let’s take a look at some of the Zumba all time favourites! These songs never get old!

  1. Waka Waka- Shakira
  2. Party Rock Anthem- Lmfao
  3. Danza Kuduro- Don Omar feat Lucenzo
  4. Fuego- Pitbull
  5. Pause- Pitbull
  6. Chico Snap- So South
  7. Rabiosa- Shakira
  8. I’m into You- J.Lo
  9. A la nena Le gusta- Limi-T 21
  10. Ai se Eu te pego- Michel Telo


Zumba dancing makes you feel sexy, sassy and confident. Throw your Zumba wear on, crank that volume up high and get into the Zumba groove! Add your own favorite Zumba tunes to the list and let the fitness party begin.