Exercise is a wonderful habit to adopt in your everyday routine. Not only does it provide for short term benefits such as stronger muscles and weight management, but also long term benefits such as those of a more efficient immune system, better appearance, improved moods an increased mental capabilities.
Jump start on a routine with exercise as a must do and you will not only look great but feel great too! Bust that flab, manage that weight, steer clear from infections, empower that brain and add more years to your life! Read on to discover some of the long term benefits of exercise!

More Endurance

One of the greatest benefits of exercise is that it has the potential of increasing your endurance levels and strength capacity by a substantial amount. Recent research has established that regular training and working out can increase your aerobic fitness and endurance levels by a whopping 25% and in a year’s time they can increase by more than twice the amount!  

Better Heart Rate

One long term benefits exercise carries is a more stable heart rate. The more you workout, the more regular and stable your heart rate will be. If currently your heart is beating at a rate of 70 beats every minute, then regular exercise will have it dropped to 65 or lower. Remember, the lesser work the heart I made to do, the healthier it is bound to perform!

Efficient Break Down of Fats

Regular exercise makes your cells brilliant at breaking down fats. When you exercise on a routine basis, your body adapts and is conditioned to breaking down fats in order to produce energy to fuel the functioning of the system. This way, you are in effect busting fat throughout the day! In order to keep the metabolism active at all times, try and heat up your workout to a next level by either climbing up and down the stairs in the middle of the day, raising the incline on your treadmill or jogging at a higher speed than you usually do!

Reduced Cancer Risk

Recent research has shown for exercise to be highly beneficial in minimizing the risk of cancer among women. This study was conducted on 14800 women. Out of these women those who had higher levels of aerobic fitness levels, were at a 55% decrease chance of dying from breast cancer as compared to those women who were deemed sedentary and women you were categorized as having moderate levels of fitness were at a 33% decreased chance of developing cancer. The benefit of exercise in terms of cancer protection extends to other types of cancer also including ovarian, endometrial and lung cancers.

Live Longer

Another long term benefit of exercise is that it can slow down the process of ageing. People who are keen on exercising have a better supply of telomeres, the DND that helps protect our chromosomes from damage, thus, adding more youthful years to or lives.

A Happier Person

A recent study conducted by the Duke University testifies that only 4 months of routine regular exercising can work as an alternative to prescription medicines aiming at elevating moods and lowering stress and depression.

Brain Power

Not only do benefits of exercise revolve around physical appearance and muscular strength, but research vouches for an increase in brain power and mental acuity as well owing to exercise! Research shows that those individuals who had a habit of exercising from a younger age are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s, reducing risk for the two by 40%. Furthermore, exercise is also known to benefit the memory. In a study conducted in 2007, participants were tested for memory once and for the second time after 3 months of aerobic exercise activity. Those who had participated in aerobic exercise activities were better able to perform at memory tests as compared to those who hadn’t.