Time, time, time, who’s got it? With the clocks ticking under a pressure cooking atmosphere and our busy schedules flooding our lives, time really is money. Considering how these days everybody seems to be working, and the kind of work that is being demanded in today’s world of high intensity competition, let’s face it, we don’t really get time to play, so a workout seems like a far-fetched idea doesn’t it? But, not really! If nothing more, nothing less, for fitness sake we can take out 20 minutes a day for a quite encompassing 20 minute workout, agreed?

Here is one 20 minute workout that can very possibly spell out to be the best 20 minute workout you may have ever practiced. This 20 minute workout aims at toning the body, building endurance and strengthening muscular build up all at the same time. It is quick, it is efficient, it is all encompassing, and it is everything you’ve been looking for in a quick-fit super workout!

Step # 1- Jog It!

This 20 minute workout kick starts with a simple jogging. You are to jog at your place for about 3 minutes, in low intensity, meaning no high jumps or high knee lifting work. The idea is to get a quick arm up before you begin to exercise!

Step # 2- Throw in some Jumping Jacks!

The second step in the best 20 minute workout is throwing in some jumping jacks, the most ideal and old fashioned cardio burner! Just stand with your feet tightly shut together, and jump with the legs spreading out sideways while lifting your arms in an upward direction, and then return to initial standing position. Repeat 50 times, take a one minute break and move on to the next step.

Step # 3- Add in the Crunches!

Here is to step 3 of our 20 minute workout: Lie down on the floor with your face up, legs stretched out straight and hands behind the head. Now, bring your legs straight up in a vertical position. After that, lift your shoulder blades without pulling the neck and bring the chest towards your knees. Make sure to keep your legs in a fixed position. Lower your shoulder blades down, and repeat 15 times. Crunches are the best workout for the abdominals, in toning them, strengthening the muscles and curving the waist line!

Step # 4- Time for the Hips!

One of the most effective exercises for the hips is the hip bridge! The hip bridge is a simple exercise and makes it as step number 4 in our 20 minute workout! Here is what you need to do: lie down on the floor with your arms spread out in a wing fashion. With the heels of your feet touching the ground and toes up, lift your hips to form a straight line from the shoulders through the knees. Resume this position for about ten seconds, clench the glutes, and then lower yourself back down to initial position.  This exercise is brilliant for the glutes, the hamstrings and the lower back!

Step # 5- Focus on the Oblique’s and the Lower Abs!

Now it is time to get the 20 minute workout to pay some attention to the two very important areas: the obliques and the lower back. One of the most exercises in this regard is the bicycle which aims at the six pack region and the obliques. It is a fairly simple one too. All you have to do is lie down face up on the floor, placing your hands folded behind your head. Once you have assumed this position, bring the knees in towards the chest and at the same time bring your shoulder blades up without pulling on the neck. After that, rotate to the left and bring the right elbow towards the left knee keeping the other leg straight. Repeat the same on the opposite leg and elbow. Keep alternating sides in a pedaling motion, repeat 15 times and the best 20 minute workout will hit those obliques like they’ve never been hit before!

Step # 6- Get Started on Plank Push-ups!

Plank pushups are an amazing workout focusing on a variety of regions in the body, such as the triceps, the quads, the hamstrings and the calves. This exercise is a must do in our super speedy 20 minute workout!
To get started on this amazing workout you need to place your palms flat on the floor and lie down on face down on your mat, resting on your forearms. Now, push yourself off the floor, resting on your elbows and pushing from the toes. Make sure that you keep your back flat from the head all the way to your heels. Another thing you need to be careful of is your rear end sagging or sticking out too much in the middle, and so to prevent that from happening tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals. 15 repeats should suffice!


This super fit 20 minute workout is a circuit training workout. It is ideal for toning up the muscles, building muscular strength and weight loss. It is a very speedy one, and one session full would generally take around 10 minutes, so it is suggested to be repeated twice. Give it a go, practice consistently every day and you will experience the wondrous results first handedly!