The age old Indian concept of yoga has time and again been proven to be more than effective in de stressing the mind, toning the body and healing various diseases. As a result, the increased yoga benefits have led to the younger generations partaking in this exercise.

The modern world has a new take on this concept with outdoor yoga coming up as a new and very popular concept. Spin yoga classes or large blanket groups of yoga increasingly meet in parks and the seaside to practice yoga in the mornings. Most people are of the opinion that their yoga experience has been enhanced by this outdoor twist and yoga experts have also testified that this is true. Here are some of the benefits of outdoor yoga.

Stress Relieving Qualities of Nature:

Certain yoga poses are aimed particularly towards releasing stress from the mind and the body simultaneously. While the poses are aimed towards achieving this, practicing outdoor yoga certainly helps too. Being in the middle of trees, in the crisp air of a mountain top or n the edge of a soothing ocean enhances these emotions and makes the stress relieving poses all the more effective.

Vitamin D

Another one of the purposes of yoga is to strengthen your bones and muscles. Practicing outdoor yoga gives you an opportunity to be exposed to the sun and get extra doses of Vitamin D which can go a long way in providing your muscles with that extra boost they need. Not only that, but the sun is also known for its quality of providing an endorphin rush which adds to the de stressing attributes of yoga.

The Benefits of Sweating

The natural environment can really make your yoga workout all the more effective. Being exposed to the heat of nature from the sun will ensure that you sweat while practicing yoga. This aids the calorie burning process of yoga. Not only that, but the extra sweating flushes out the toxins from your body making sure that the harmful elements which can bring about diseases in the long run are brought down to a minimum.

Emotional Aspect:

The various poses of yoga like the downward dog, the cat like stretch and the swaying of the trees is a very clear implication that this workout is supposed to bring about emotions whereby which you feel at one with nature. As a result, outdoor yoga is perfect for achieving this. Actually being in an outdoor environment makes it much easier for you to create a bond with nature, to even out your breathing in tandem with the environment and to achieve hat sense of peace and tranquility which nature is all about.

Post Workout Benefits:

One of the best things about outdoor yoga is the post workout options available to you. After finishing those stretches which leave your body feeling toned and relaxed, being able to go for a walk on the beach or sitting on a mountaintop with your eyes closed and the cool wind brushing against your face is one of the best feelings there is. These elements add an extra soothing touch to your yoga workout enhancing the stress relieving attributes of this activity.