Yoga can work wonders for various parts of the body by relaxing the muscles and toning them all at the same time. This miracle art form is also highly beneficial when it comes to our beloved faces which are over protected by us all! Or at least attempted to!

Yoga facial exercises primarily focus on tightening the skin and toning the facial muscles and giving a more youthful look to our faces.  If you want to turn back the clock, go back to your years of prime, and get that youthful radiance gleaming on your face again, the answer to your calls is the miraculous spritzing facial yoga! Frown lines, double chains, saggy skin, tension streams, get rid of it all, thanks to face yoga!

Here are a few poses you can give a test drive to. Mind you, prepare to be startled! Yogis claim these exercise forms show results in as little a time as two weeks! Ready, set, go!

The Lion Pose

The lion pose is a basic, easy jaw stretching pose, similar to that a lion assumes when roaring. It tends to ease the tension engulfing the face. The lion pose is particularly beneficial in preventing wrinkle around the throat skin. The procedure is simple. Inhale through your nose and when you exhale, open your mouth really wide, take the tip of the tongue towards the chin by sticking it out and make a roar sound similar to that of a lion’s! This exercise tones up the facial muscles and helps stretch out the skin around the throat, making it tighter and wrinkle free!

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is a face yoga tactic that helps in relieving tension effectively. To follow this yoga facial exercise all you need to do is bend forward and let your body hang heavy, letting all the blood to rush to the forehead. This helps in relieving any tension held in the face. You need to also let your jaw relax and stick your tongue out, relaxing that muscle as well. By doing so, you make sure there is fresh blood supply in your brains and the letting go of facial muscles, helps relax the face, toning it and easing it down! Furthermore this pose is known to add to a rosier looking and a fuller youthful looking face also!

The Corpse Pose

The corpse pose involving lying completely still in a reclined manner with no movements enacted. This pose sounds really simple but is easier said than done. For this face yoga pose you need to lie down on your back, straightened, with your legs stretched out completely and the arms resting alongside the sides of your body with the palms facing upwards. Try to ease the jaw line, the tongue, the eyebrows and the forehead and keep lying still. With enough practice you will learn to relax your facial features more frequently, preventing wrinkles and frown lines, even when you are not lying in a corpse pose!

Warming The Eyes

Warming the eyes is a highly beneficial yoga tactic that also happens to be a very effective yoga face exercise as well! Rubbing your hands, generating heat and then placing the hands on your eyes not only gives off a soothing and a calming effect on the eyes but also prevents eye issues such as claziones, styes, eye irritation and the likes! This facial yoga technique is good for making you look young and adding the sparkle to your eye, along with promoting eye health too!