About Side Crane Pose

The side crane pose is classified as an arm balance asana. This is a challenging pose and is thus categorized as an advanced level asana.  The side crane pose must only be performed once the beginner and intermediate level yoga poses have been thoroughly mastered. Attempting the side crane pose without adequate yoga practice raises the probability of suffering from muscle strains, cramps and injuries. Practice the Pasasana and Marichyasana I as preparatory poses before you attempt the side crane pose.

Step By Step Instructions

Place your yoga mat in a peaceful spot and get ready to attempt the side crane pose sequence!

  1. Position yourself in a squat, with your knees pressed against your chest.
  2. Shift yourself onto the balls of the feet as you place your palms out in front of you on the yoga mat. Your palms should be at least shoulder’s width apart.
  3. With your palms held firmly in place shift your knees towards the right side.
  4. Allow your torso to lean forward slowly, as you lift your hips up and bring them on top of the left arm. Place your knees on top of your right arm.
  5.  Slowly, taking care to maintain your balance, lift each foot off the mat.
  6. Maintain the pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute at least.
  7. Exit the pose and repeat the side crane pose sequence with the other leg.

Health Benefits

The side crane pose has numerous health benefits! Let’s find out all about them.

  1. Enhances the body’s balance and stability.
  2. Strengthens and stretches the wrists, arms and abdomen.
  3. Is great for toning the abdominal muscles.
  4. A great stress reliever.
  5. Enhances the mind’s concentration and focus.

Things To Remember!

Individuals with wrist or lower back pain or injuries must refrain from attempting the side crane pose. They may perform it under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher.