Lifting weights is not just reserved for those who want to build muscular biceps or strong thighs, in fact lifting weight helps give you an edge to combat belly fat, stress and even heart disease! So continue reading while we give you reason over reason why you should lift weights!

You Will Succeed At Losing 40% More Fat

Research shows that those who try losing weight by dieting and do no weight lifts, succeed at losing 75% of weight from fat and a remaining 25% from muscle. Muscle loss, may help reduce the numbers og the weigh scale but make little difference on your appearance. The weight lost through muscle is not visible, plus you are more likely to regain all the flab you lost. However by weight training as you diet, this can help ensure more burning of fat and a more toned body. This benefit of weight lifting is one individuals looking to lose weight should consider.

Burn More Calories

Another benefit of lifting weights is that it helps you burn a tremendous amount of calories, even when doing it sitting. This is because your body needs to generate more energy while lifting weights to repair their fibers, as a result this helps raise the metabolic rate and burn a greater percentage of calories. If you do a circuit of eight moves for eight minutes you can burn about 10 to 231 calories, which is about the same amount you can burn doing a 10 mile per hour run for exact same duration of time!

Diet Will Improve

The benefits of lifting weight also include an improvement in diet. Due to lifting weights you get into the habit of treating your bodies better, therefore taking care of our diet. Also weight lifting, keeps your diet on track as you will not want to ruin all your hard work by munching on junk food.

Helps You Handle Stress

Lifting weight also enables one to deal with stress. Research shows that those who work out more often and lift weight, have lower stress hormones. Another research showed that people with more muscle mass than fat, were able to return back to their normal state of blood pressure after a stressful situation than those with less muscle.

Stronger Bones

Lifting weights benefits the bones by giving them the load and impact needed to sustain all kinds of injuries and ailments and to stay strong. A study conducted showed that weight training and weight lifting helped increase bone hip density and elevated blood levels of a particular compound that is a marker of bone growth, called Osteocalcin by 19%.

A Healthier Heart

According to a research conducted at the University of Michigan, those who lifted weights were able were able to decrease their risks of suffering from Heart attacks by 15% and strokes by 40%.


The benefits of weight lifting may include longevity! Lift some weights and increase the number of days you live! Yes, lifting weights on whole help increase life span and enable you to live longer. This is due to the increase of body strength that is linked to lower risks of death caused by Heart Diseases and Cancer.