Running, walking, going to the gym: all these exercise techniques are a great way to stay in shape, but they can get a tad bit boring and predictable. Behold the fun, energetic options of jump rope and jumping jacks! Both these dynamic exercise options are a great substitute for traditional exercise techniques, but the crucial question at hand is this: jumping jacks vs. Jump rope, which one of them is worth your time and effort?

For The Love Of Jumping

So get ready for the ultimate fitness faceoff! On the one hand you will get a taste of what jumping jacks have to offer, on the other you will be exposed to the benefits of indulging in a jump rope workout. In the final showdown, the winner of this faceoff will be decided!

Jumping Jacks!

First up, the jumping jacks! We’ve all had our fun with jumping jacks as children, but are they worth our time if used as part of a workout? You may think of jumping jacks as a simple exercise that requires energetic, sustained jumps, but the picture is broader than you think. This is not only a simple warm up exercise; it is also an effective aerobics exercise. It gives your shoulders, calves, thighs, legs and arms a solid workout!
Incorporating different jumping jack variations not only enhances your flexibility, but it also gives your body a good cardiovascular workout! You can perform jumping jacks in the comfort of your home, or at the gym with weight lifting sets to up the difficulty level of this simple exercise. By engaging various muscles of the body, jumping jacks lead to a high calorie and fat burning rate. Of course, this fat burning and subsequent weight loss ability largely depends on the intensity and duration of the workout. Moreover, incorrect posture and technique can result in muscle strains, cramping and injuries.

Jump Rope!

Now let’s evaluate the prime challenger of jumping jacks: the popular jump rope! If you are looking for a cost effective full body workout, then jump rope workouts are the perfect option for you. By jumping rope you not only burn calories and lose weight, but you also enhance your level of body coordination and movement. Jump rope makes you focus on speed, agility and body coordination all at once: you can improve your responsiveness and swiftness by regularly practicing jump rope exercises.

Like jumping jacks, this exercise technique can also be performed in the comfort of your home in a limited space. By toning and strengthening various muscles of the body, jumping rope not only helps you shape up, it also aids in improving your posture!  

The Final Verdict!

So what will it be: the jump rope or the jumping jacks? Careful evaluation of the advantages of each exercise form yielded one winner- the jump rope! This in no way implies that jumping jacks should be shunned and boycotted for good. Jumping jacks can be used as a warm up exercise to your main workout. However, jump rope can be used in the core workout since this exercise form provides the same benefits as jumping jacks, and then some more!