Have you been considering Zumba for weight loss but have not been sure about where to start? Does the thought of stepping in a Zumba class intimidate you because you have no idea of what it is all about? Great news! This is your opportunity to learn about some of the different styles of Zumba to answer most if not all of your questions.

Zumba is a form of Latin-inspired dance that consists of easy-to-follow and enjoyable moves for a dynamic fitness program. Zumba Fitness, the organization that introduced Zumba to the world, claims that Zumba is all about “Ditching the workout and joining the party!” This is no idle boast! Not only does Zumba work wonders for your overall fitness goals, but you end up having so much fun in your Zumba sessions that you don’t even realize that you are working out.

Zumba routines combine both fast and slow rhythms for a complete body workout. The variety of dance styles of Zumba ensures that you never get bored.

Merengue March

With its roots in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Santo Domingo, the Merengue March takes its place among the faster dance styles of Zumba. In their place of origin, these dance moves usually involve the use of props such as the congo drums, accordion, and guiro, but Zumba instructors usually modify these moves to incorporate fast-paced hand movements that reduce tricep jiggle.

Instructors teaching the merengue march also include moves that target the waist and hips. One such move is the side movement, in which participants move their hips from side to side in controlled movements.

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The Cumbia is believed to originate from Columbia, but draws its inspiration from African and European dance styles. Often associated with tropical or creole music, Cumbia began as a courtship ritual that was performed with women waving their bodies seductively while the men danced behind them with one hand behind the women’s back. In Zumba classes, while you will often yourself dancing alone during a Cumbia move, you will still be able to notice how seductive the dance moves are.

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Salsa Spin

One of the zestier dance styles of Zumba, the Salsa spin originates from the Caribbean countries. As the name suggests, the salsa spin is all about executing a flawless “spin” movement. It is characterized by a fast and distinct beat and a high tempo. Salsa spin dances generally involve a great deal of feet tapping and movement, combined with minimal hip movements. In some styles of Salsa Spin, dancers move their upper bodies with the beat, whereas in other styles, the upper bodies remain stationary.

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Sentao works your core by taking traditional Zumba classes up a notch. This Zumba fitness core workout is different from regular Zumba dancing because it focuses on toning, sculpting and strengthening the core muscles, unlike regular Zumba which is essentially a cardio workout. Sentao instructors add on a chair to up the resistance and maximize the benefits of each session. Sentao classes are perfect for all those who shy away from dancing – the chair gives your body the benefits of dancing with a partner, without involving an actual person.

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Like the Cumbia, the tango is essentially a courtship dance with its roots in Argentina and Uruguay. The basic premise of all the different styles is that of a man who is trying to court a woman who is uncertain of where her affections lie. The moves therefore include slow and controlled motions, which manage to include fluidity and surprise at the same time.

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Bollywood Bhangra

Inspired by the hip-shaking, waist-jiggling, and arm-waving styles of the Indian film industry, the Bollywood Bhangra is vivacious, loud and upbeat. Bhangra has its roots in the Punjab province divided between India and Pakistan – and everything about this dance style of Zumba reflects the hospitality, open-heartedness, warmth and affection that characterize the people of this area.

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So, find a form of Zumba that best suits your personality and sign up for a class. Happy dancing!