Zumba, the Latin inspired dance workout sensation, has been making headlines worldwide. With people looking for Zumba studios and qualified instructors in their vicinity, the demand for Zumba instructors has increased drastically! Zumba classes are not only limited to specific studios: they are held in churches, parks, health clubs, gyms, corporate wellness centers, amongst other places as well.

You can become a Zumba instructor even if you are a Zumba beginner or a dance or fitness teacher. The only requirement is that you should be 18 years old. Follow these guidelines to chalk out your plan for joining the Zumba fitness instructor ranks!


Step 1

Your first step will be to find a Zumba training center near you. Click ‘Instructor Training’ on the official Zumba Fitness website and then click ‘Find Now’. The website will help you find the nearest one-day Zumba Basic training class. You will be required to pay for your Zumba training class via credit card.

Step 2

The training session typically lasts from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. On the day of the session you will be required to reach the venue early and register in person. Things that you should carry with you are: bottled water, lunch and a towel. Make sure that your shoes and clothes are practical, comfortable and appropriate for the dance workout.

Step 3

After an overview of the history of Zumba, your Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) will train you in the basic Zumba dance moves which include salsa, cumbia, reggaeton and merengue. You will also be taught how to put these steps together in a song. Additionally, you will also be given the opportunity to register for the Zumba Instructors Network (ZIN). ZIN members receive music CDs (megamixes) periodically, choreography DVDs every three months and the option to avail additional training in specialty Zumba (such as aqua Zumba and Zumba toning) at half price.

Step 4

Your final step in the zumba training session will require you to design a Zumba class keeping in mind the principles of interval training. You will have to select warm up and cool down songs for the beginning and end of the class, respectively. You will also have to select upbeat songs for the duration of the class to give your students a good cardio workout.  
After you complete the Zumba Basic 1 training session you will receive a one year license to conduct your own Zumba classes!

Zumba Basic 2

As suggested by the name, this training session focuses on advanced choreography and includes dance moves from samba, tango, belly dance and flamenco. Through Zumba Basic 2 classes you can enhance your professional Zumba skills! Completion of this Zumba training class will earn you a one year license to conduct Zumba Basic 2 classes. For this training session however, you are required to have a Basic 1 certificate.

Jump Start Gold

These Zumba training classes teach you how to instruct and lead a Zumba class for senior citizens. You will learn about anatomy, psychology and physiology so that you can formulate safe but fun classes for older Zumba enthusiasts. You will even learn how to design a seated Zumba workout for senior citizens with health problems or physical limitations. At the end of this Zumba training, you will earn a one year basic license and an additional Zumba Gold license.


Before you sign up for a Zumba training session, it is highly recommended that you attend a few Zumba classes to get a taste of what you will be teaching! If you do not love what you are teaching, your students will sense your lack of enthusiasm and their motivation and drive will falter too.