What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya yoga is primarily an amalgamation of ways the mind, the breath and energy connect and react. The basic concept behind kriya yoga is that once you learn to control your breath, you can very well learn to control yourself as well. The school of kriya yoga was created keeping an average individual in mind and how they can seek enlightenment based on mere focus and effort.  Kriya yoga focuses on bringing all the natural energies together in perfect alignment and synchronization, opening us to insights and influencing our behavioral patterns, understanding and perceptions.

How To Perform Kriya Yoga?

Kriya yoga is a step by step process. By following these 5 simple basic steps, you can achieve the state of mind that kriya yoga is directed towards. How to do kriya yoga is a relatively straightforward procedure, but it is fair to say the results are tremendous in their reflection of the body and the mind.

Step 1:

It is very important in Kriya yoga that you involve yourself in a deeply embedded relationship with your guru. Even if your guru is not present at all times to guide you through it, it is always beneficial to have the guru assess you and watch over you as it builds a concrete pathway towards self-realization. Self-realization is the first step needed to be built to hit off kriya yoga.

Step 2:

Step number two of how to do kriya yoga involves preparing the mind. There are two techniques of doing so and bot these techniques center around breathing as kriya yoga is a breathing centric practice. The first technique is labeled as ‘kriya pranayama’, whereby the breath basically brings the spinal cord and the nervous system into a lined synchrony. The second breathing technique is called ‘kundalini’, which focuses on the transfer of energy. Hence, giving rise to the process of breathing coming together with energy and the mind.

Step 3:

Step number three of how to do kriya yoga involves selecting a chant. This chant can be anything, especially spiritually inclined, as its main aim is to build focus. Continuous repetition of the chant will lead to a strong focus being built up on one particular target, making it more effective. A spiritual chant is more effective as it is more natural to get immersed in a spiritual chant.

Step 4:

Step number 4 basically focuses on the chant as well. However, once you have selected a chant, you must block all the other external stimuli out and start chanting with intense devotion. The idea is to withdraw from the outside world and focus all your thoughts, mind and energy on to the chant and only the chant. Begin the chanting process by chanting out loud, and once you are in the zone lower your tone and chant in a whisper. Once you are entirely focused on just the chanting, move into a silent chant.

Step 5:

The final step, step 5, revolves around the raja yoga form of yoga and the hatha yoga form of yoga. These two forms of yoga are an essential part of this step of kriya yoga as they build the connection between the body and the mind.