You don’t have to go to the gym to get fit, even when your goal is to build up specific muscles! Although you might think that you need fancy gym equipment to get a ripped, chiseled chest, the truth is that you can get that look and strength with a workout at home.

The key is just to find exercises that are low-tech and that specifically target your pectorals and other chest-related muscles. Many of the best chest exercises that you that can do while working out at home also help build your other muscles, too!

Most of these chest workouts are so convenient that you can do them at home in just your bedroom. They really are that easy and low-tech. Some are just stretches, but stretches can help build stronger muscles.

Build your chest strength and structure with the following workout routines:

1. All Throughout the Day

  • Overhead Stretching

Interlace your fingers and lift them up over your head, reaching towards your middle back. If possible, hold a water bottle or another homemade weight in your hands while you do this. Do 10 repetitions at a time and repeat throughout the day.

  • In-Place Presses

While sitting up, place your hands in the position you would when bench pressing. Then, holding your upper body straight, perform the same motion as a press. Perform 20 repetitions and repeat throughout the day for stronger shoulder and chest muscles.

2. The Door Jamb Routine

  • Doorway Body Presses

Stand a foot away from your doorway. Place one hand flatly on each side of your doorway. Begin to press your body, without moving your feet or hands, through the doorway. Stop pressing when you feel a burn. Repeat 10 times.

  • To The Side Stretch

Stand in your doorway, facing into a room. Place one hand at shoulder height on the doorway. Keeping your feet in place, press yourself forward, as straight as possible, into the room. Perform 10 repetitions per side.

3. Household Weight Lifting

  • The 180-Degree Water Lift

Start with two water bottles, one in each hand. Lying flat on the floor, perform presses as if you are using heavy barbells. As you raise the bottles, be sure they are aligned over your chest. Twist your arm so that the bottles shift 180 degrees. Perform 20 repetitions. Move up to heavier water bottles or jugs as you grow stronger.

  • Two Chair Lifts

Stand between two chairs, with the backs facing you. Grab hold of the chair rails and lift the chairs simultaneously. Be sure to keep your body straight and your arms out to your side as your lift the chairs. Perform 20 repetitions.

  • Pick-Me-Ups

Stand with your back facing a strong and sturdy counter or table. Using just your hands behind you on the surface, lift yourself onto the counter or table. Repeat 10 times for a thorough chest workout.

4. Pectoral Pushup Workout

  • The Weighted Pushup

Pick up a heavy coffee table book or school book. Position yourself to perform a pushup, and place the book over your upper back. Perform 20 pushups at a time. For an extra burn in your chest, perform single arm pushups. The focus you’ll need to keep the book in place on your back will force your chest muscles to work harder.

  • Extra Wide Pushups

A regular pushup will help your chest muscles, but for serious toning, spread your arms as far apart as you can. Cross your legs as well. All that extra pressure will add onto the work your pectorals must perform.

  • Incline Pushups

Put your toes on the couch, bed, or a stable chair. Perform 20 standard pushups while on this simple, “homemade” decline.

  • Step-Up Pushups

Place a sturdy book under your hands as you set up for a standard pushup. Perform a pushup. Quickly step your arms off the book and perform another pushup. Repeat a pushup on the book, then a pushup to the other side of the book. Perform 30 pushups overall.

5. 10 Intense Minutes

Repeat this routine three times, filling a whole ten minutes with intense interval chest training.

  • Single-Arm Pushups: 10 repetitions per arm.
  • Water Bottle Presses: 20 repetitions, one bottle in each hand.
  • Water Bottle Flys: 20 Repetitions, one bottle in each hand.
  • Extra Wide Pushups: 10 repetitions.
  • Doorway Body Presses: 20 repetitions.
  • Jumping Jacks: 10 repetitions.