When the decision has finally been put down, a promise made and an oath taken to opt for a healthier and fit lifestyle, one stumbles upon many other milestones. This even includes the type of exercises one may choose for them. The most common question asked when deciding between exercise classes is whether to take up Zumba or Pilates.

Here at Fitness Republic, we will help answer your question, enabling you to make your choice with ease, by simple laying down a few points about both individual exercises. So stay logged in!

So, Zumba vs. Pilates, huh?  It is important to be aware of the fact that both exercises offer different advantages; therefore you will be needed to make your choice of exercise based on your individual requirements. Zumba is an exercise that helps you lose weight and burn calories through a dancing like routine. Therefore there is no set way of movement. Zumba is also a great way to gain confidence and reduce stress levels as it allows you to open up. Whereas Pilates is an exercise that focuses on the core movement and even helps relieve joint pain.
In order to give you a better understanding as to which exercise fits your need most, we have listed several benefits of both Zumba and Pilates. Let’s go point by point while evaluating Zumba vs. Pilates!

Benefits of Zumba

Improved Cardiovascular Health   

In the first round of Zumba vs. Pilates, let’s assess how Zumba fairs in terms of cardiovascular health. Zumba dancing is the kind of exercise and physical activity that helps stress the heart, this stress is what is required in order to help improve conditions of the heart.

Improved Coordination

In the second round of Zumba vs. Pilates, how does Zumba help with your coordination? Zumba is an excellent way to maintain and improve coordination; this will also benefit you as you begin to age. As a result, this can help prevent accidents caused by falling or slipping.

Weight Loss

The most famous benefit acquired through Zumba is weight loss. Zumba, known to be a cardiovascular exercise, is also known to be a great way to burn calories!

Improved Mood

Any kind of exercise that involves a certain degree of physical activity is known to help a particular hormone which is known to elevate the mood. This hormone is called Endorphins also known as the ‘feel good hormone’. Research shows that cardiovascular exercises are the most effective in releasing the highest amount of Endorphins.

Effective Way to Tone Your Body

Zumba exercise involves a lot of hip and abdominal movements and therefore is an excellent and effective way to tone your body.

Benefits of Pilates

Burns Calories

Now, it’s time to look at Pilates Vs Zumba! Pilates is not as effective as Zumba when it comes to burning calories, however engaging in Pilate’s exercises and classes will definitely have you burning a decent amount of calories as you stretch and strengthen.

Lengthen and Strengthen

Pilate’s exercises can help you overcome muscle bulkiness as a result, you will begin to look leaner and long. Celebrity Pilates Trainer, Nicole Stuart says "In Pilates you stretch the muscle to its full extension, then contract it, you are using your muscles against the resistance of that weight you are holding. So while you're lifting the weight you build and expand your muscle. You are adding a layer of muscle and reshaping."

Body Awareness

Pilates is also favorable due to its ability to make you more aware of your body. It teaches you how to breathe, how to stand correctly and improves your coordination and makes you more mindful about your movements.

Injury Free

By taking up Pilates classes you will be able to keep your muscles loose and flexible which highly benefits one from staying injury free!

Less Pain and Stiffness

What’s the deal of Zumba vs. Pilates when it comes to stiffness and aches? Those who suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis will greatly benefit from Pilates as this exercise helps increase flexibility, reduces pain and fatigue. This stretching will help keep your muscles and tendons healthy due to the delivery of vital nutrients as well as increases the production of joint lubricants. Pilates is therefore a great way to loosen up your legs, back, neck, and shoulders and therefore helps relieve aches and stiffness.

Therefore it is not much of a matter as to which exercise is better or which is more effective, it is more a matter of what are you looking for in your exercises? Are you solely looking for a way to lose weight? Are you trying to improve your health? Or are you trying to reduce pain in your joints through the means of exercise?

The reason why it is important to ask yourselves these questions is because each exercise will offer a different set of benefits therefore you need to be aware of which benefits you want to aquire in order to make a choice between Zumba or Pilates.