Facts about Zumba®

Facts about Zumba®
by Natalie Walter | January 23, 2012

Beto Perez’s stroke of genius has now become the world’s most sought after dance-fitness program. According to zumba.com, approximately 10 million people of all ages and fitness levels now “move fast and have fun”.



Did you Know?

  • The word Zumba® comes from a Colombian word meaning “to move fast and have fun”
  • It is estimated that participants in a Zumba® class can burn anywhere between 500-1,000 calories in one hour, although this depends on the individual and the level of exertion performed at
  • Zumba® not only helps improve general fitness, but also improves balance, flexibility, tone and posture
  • Zumba® workouts are conducted in over 110,000 locations in 125 countries
  • Approximately 10 million participants take Zumba® classes every week
  • If you cannot find a class near you, zumba.com offers a DVD workout as well
  • There are over 550 Zumba® instructors and over 400 classes each week within 25 miles of San Jose, California

Survey Outcome

Seven-Oaks Zumba® conducted a survey among its female participants which revealed the following reasons for their joining Zumba® classes:

  • For fun (31%)
  • To keep fit (28%)
  • To lose weight (24%)
  • To make new friends (17%)

Zumba all Around

With over 110,000 locations offering Zumba®, it shouldn’t be too difficult to locate a class near you. Start by checking with your local health club. Some YMCA’s offer Zumba® and many communities are now offering classes through their recreation departments. To find a Zumba® class near you, visit zumba.com and enter your zip code.

Zumba® is aligned with the American Council on Exercise and other fitness education organizations, providing classes for every age and fitness level.

Zumba® for a Cause

Zumba® Fitness shares its success through annual Zumba®thons to raise funds for selected foundations. Miami’s first Zumba®thon in 2006 drew nearly a thousand participants, with proceeds given to the breast cancer survivors’ Quality of Life Fund.

Zumba®, Zumba Fitness® and the Zumba® Fitness logos are all registered trademarks of Zumba® Fitness, LLC. www.zumba.com



About the Author - Natalie Walter

Dancing has always been a part of Natalie Walter’s life. She started taking lessons at the age of 3 and has been dancing ever since. She danced on shows like soul train, MTV MUSIC AWARDS, SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARD, events and more. Zumba combines her two passions - dance and fitness! She became licensed to teach Zumba in 2009, she was immediately hooked! The music and moves create such a party atmosphere that keeps the classes exciting and motivating!

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