Pilates isn’t just a form of exercise; it defines a whole new way of living. It envelopes a healthy lifestyle along with a workout that is not only extremely powerful, but efficient and simple at the same time. It is these attributes that are attracting people to this workout.

The Pilates Performer is one of the most recent innovations in this field. It is a machine that can be adjusted to up to fifty workout modes. Pilates works on the principle of maintaining balance in your entire body so the pilates performer aims to strengthen your muscles towards achieving this goal. Here are some of the exercises that you can carry out on your pilates performer.

Core Exercises:

A typical Pilates performer will have three cords providing you with different levels of resistance. The exercises that you perform on the machine with thee chords will cause the bench to slide forward and backward. These exercises are great for toning up and trimming off the fat from your thigh, abs and glutes. You can also target the lower abdominal region by doing what is known as a reverse crunch. The idea is to kneel on the bench so that you face the bottom of the machine.

  • Lean forward and grasp the handle of the resistance chord using your knees to slide the bench under your stomach region while at the same time extending your legs backward until they are half straight.
  • Now slide the bench back and forth in order to keep doing the exercise.

Strength Training:

The Pilates Performer can be used to get your legs and upper body in great shape as well. One exercise that would target these areas is known as the seated tricep extension.

  • In order to begin you need to be sitting on the bench facing the bottom of the machine with your hands holding the handles behind your head while they are bent at the elbows.
  • Now straighten out your arms to pull against the resistance chords which will make the bench slide.
  • Bend your arms again to return to the starting position.
  • Continue these motions to carry out the exercise. Repetitions of eight are recommended per set.
  • Additionally, it is important that you sit up straight throughout this exercise and keep your neck relaxed so that it is not strained.


The Pilates Performer offers you a cardio workout as well but for that you will have to attach the cardio rebounder to the bottom of the machine. The rebounder basically functions as a miniature trampoline. The idea is to lie on your back and keep boosting off it with your legs making the bench slide up and down.

  • Start the exercise with a five minute warm up period and if you do it for about half an hour on a daily basis, you are meeting the minimum requirement for a healthy living.
  • While performing this exercise however, make sure that you are not using jerky motions as that will cause unhealthy strain on your back and may lead to injury.

So get on that Pilates performer and take back control of your health. The time for change is now!