What is Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs is an exercise routine that features aerobics and comes with a nutritional guide. It was created by the renowned dance choreographer Shaun T, which has been made available in the form of DVD’s, in order to be followed at home. This exercise aims to make you fit while particularly focusing on sculpting and toning your abdominal muscles.

It provides you with a Daily Nutrition Guide, A 30-Day Calendar and 24 7 Online Support. One of the most attention grabbing features of Hip Hob Abs is its claim to sculpt your abs without getting on the floor. It widely promotes that "you never do a single crunch." In 2007 it was the highest-selling workout video in the United States.

Hip Hop Abs is mainly advertised via internet and comes with 4 DVDS with 4 different exercise routines that claim to burn fat and to get you in shape. The four DVDS are;

  • Secret to Flat Abs: 13 minutes
  • Fat Burning Cardio: 30 minutes
  • Abs Sculpt: 25 minutes
  • Total Body Burn: 45 minutes

The inclusion of hip hop dance movements is to burn fat to sculpt your abdominal area. What is more, the inclusion of aerobics in this program makes it extremely beneficial to your health in numerous ways if practiced on a regular basis. In fact, MayoClinic.com claims that consistent practice of aerobics does more than just help you lose weight in an effective manner. It also makes your heart strong, increases your stamina, clears your arteries and gives you peace of mind.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a fitness program inspired by Latin dances. It combines aerobics with several Latin dances to allow participants to burn calories and to just be fit, essentially. It was founded by Alberto “Beto” Perez in Columbia. His unique fitness program combines a variety of dances, namely; hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. Furthermore, Martial arts, as well as squats and lunges are also practiced. Alberto’s fitness program facilitates exercising at both fast and slow places, allowing a resting period for those who engage in intense Zumba after which they can pick up their pace again. This makes long-term participation very easy. Zumba has made a major breakthrough in the world of fitness and has met with much popularity.

Zumba has a DVD series, the "Zumba Exhilarate DVD Experience." Since 2011 the price for this has been about $90. The DVDs depict the seven class types that Zumba has to offer, depending on various factors such as age, physical ability, personal choice and so on and so forth. This includes - Zumba; Zumba Gold; Zumba Toning; Aqua Zumba; Zumbatomic; Zumba in the Circuit; and Zumba Gold Toning.

In 2009 The "Daily Telegraph" stated that there were over 20,000 Zumba instructors in more than 30 countries.

What are the Similarities?

  • They both incorporate dancing to lose weight
  • They both feature aerobics
  • Both are available via DVD

What are The Main Differences?



Originated in Columbia

Originated in USA

Developed in the 1990s by Alberto Perez

Developed in 2006 by Shaun Thompson

Concentrates on Latin dances and Latin music

Concentrates on Hip Hop dances and Hip Hop music

Zumba DVDs are available but it is ideally meant to be done in a class

Hip Hop Abs has 4 DVDs and is meant to be done at home.

Aims to make you fit generally by dancing which is more exercise like

Focus on sculpting and shaping the abdominal area by lightweight hip hop dancing

It can be said that Zumba is more famous as a fitness program. However at the end of the day it is a matter of personal preference: Do you like Hip Hop or Latin music and dancing? Do you want to improve your over all physique or do you want to concentrate on your abdominal muscles? Do you want to take part in a class with lots of people and in the presence of an instructor or would you prefer working out at home with a suggested nutritional guide? Both of them have received excellent reviews and both have a number of fans and followers.