There are two facets of cardio-respiratory fitness. The first is how efficiently are your heart and lungs delivering oxygen to your body while inhaling. Secondly how well is your body creating energy that your muscles need in order to contract while you partake in that you elevate your heart rate and are able to pump more blood throughout your entire body.

The reason cardio-respiratory exercises are so important is because like all other muscles the heart needs to be worked so it can perform at its optimal level.

It's surprising to many people on how easy it is to improve their Cardio-respiratory fitness. Simple exercises that increase your heart rate done regularly can do wonders!

Here is a Cardio-respiratory endurance exercises list from which you can pick the exercise that suits you best!


It has to be said that this is undoubtedly the most effective fat burning Cardio-respiratory endurance exercise in the entire list! You can easily do this outdoors on a jogging track or indoors on a treadmill. Treadmills have the advantage of giving control over maintaining constant speed. You should aim to run for at least 15 to 20 minutes to get your heart pumping. Once your body becomes used to the exercise, increase your speed and time duration to get more out of it!

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine, which is also known as 'Cross-Trainers', can be found in every gym. The machine simulates running mixed with stair climbing. The machine offers a low-impact alternative to running on the treadmill. It can be difficult to use at the beginning but once you get used to it then you can incorporate it into your plan for Cardio-respiratory endurance exercises.


One of the most under rated Cardio-respiratory endurance exercises skipping is vastly under used. One of the best ways to burn calories in a confined space, all you need to start skipping is a rope and enough space to swing it! Most boxers use it for its practicality and the fact that it makes you light on your feet.


A positively brilliant concept is to use dancing as a Cardio-respiratory endurance exercise. Even standing in your room with your favorite music on loud you can freestyle and shake your hips! It doesn't have to be any professional dance, but you should put in as much effort as possible. This way you can enjoy yourself while you burn the unwanted calories!


A fantastic cardiorespiratory exercise that has low-impact while still manages to work your upper body, including your lateral muscles. It has downsides that you need to near a river to enjoy rowing outdoors. But the machines available at gyms do serve the same purpose while allowing you to monitor the amount of resistance. This means that you can divide the workout in bursts of energy and then lower the resistance for recovery.


A firm favorite cardio-respiratory exercise which always manages to deliver fantastic results; Swimming does not have any direct adverse effects on the knees as you would while running which means you actually use swimming as physiotherapy for injuries as well. The vast range of movements in the pool against the resistance of the water tone and build muscles though out the body. While swimming you engage your entire body from your legs, core muscles and the upper body. The different techniques such as freestyle, back stroke and butterfly work the entire body.

It is understood that there are many other form Cardio-respiratory exercise you can plan. All they have to incorporate is fast movements for extend period of times. The best idea would be utilize all these great exercises and mix them up in your routine. This way you can enjoy the benefits of all the exercise while varying up your routine to make it more interest.

Do remember before partaking in physical activity you should always consult your Physician!